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I hope you guys are built for the BBC too because you'll need the extra revenue when you're stuck holding BTC bags

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>commercial banks
No one has said anything about commercial banks in this thread.

>Surprised how mild she is about it.
Almost like she knows more than she's putting out.

Because they think that central banks will adopt XRP as a bridge asset.

Thank you for the Econ 101. Do you foresee BTC being widely accepted as currency with it's current energy usage, fees and TX time?

>Central Banks have the authority to print reserves for every other bank
Cool post, however you've only described the difference between "Central Banks" and "Retail/Commercial/Public/Credit Union/Industrial/Merchant/ETC".
Now explain the difference between "Central Banks" and "Big Banks". I'll save you time, there isn't one. The Central Banks are the Big Banks.

>muh store of value
Is it currency? Is it money? Is it gold? Is it a 'store of value'?

>Hedge against fiat
False. Until it becomes a currency at the very least.

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