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Which one will have the fastest gains??? Missed walnut and yffi because gas fees

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Ahhh guys, I think link is about to pull an ethereum, why do I feel that very strongly in my balls. I think if you just a hundred links you’ll be happy come the end of the year. Can someone unbiased comment on this?

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How the fuck can trade coins out of Coinbase before they “allow” me to after buying. Is there a coin that somehow doesn’t get tracked and I ca move them out to another wallet? I’m trying to buy pnk here

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What do I buy now with it? I can only buy coonbase coins for now until my funds are cleared..

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Next 1000x don’t miss out! Shilled by many reputable sources. Look at the chart!!

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Buy the Bridge dip before others buy it and you miss out on next 300x BRDG

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If kek wills it by using his numbers, we are still on track to 69 cents by 4:20 am Sunday

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No sufficient liquidity for this trade on XAMP to ETH uniswap???

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Digits speak the truth!

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