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is this shooped?

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Did he scam us?

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It was their plan all along

ORACLE meeting:

>so there's this new startup leveraging blockchain tech to trigger real life events
> blockchain lol, disruption am I right?
> yeah I know but this thing can be used to monetize APIs. Plus it can be used to make coupons payments and overseas settlements.
> oh ok. What do you think, could it be a threat. It's a startup, come on.
> not really a threat, still, would be better to take care of them while they're still small
> ok I got an idea, don't we have some sort of start-up department, with that weird Peruvian in charge or something? You know the guy that tweets evry shit he takes?
> Let this guy work with them, I guarantee that'll do the trick. In a year noone will talk about this startup seriously after that.

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Ok, time to drop some intel here from Oracle.
I have warned you fuckers about this piece of shit, but retards took it as FUD even though I said LINK would succeed.
Everything I warned you about came to be.
If you missed my two threads 6-8 mo ago, sorry.
Let me tell you guys something thats not new, but that you guys should know:
Fernando did not take well his demotion, despite his recurring fuck ups (DYOR) on both programing, leadership, more often than not delays (if you guys think the time to make those blogposts were bad, they were literally nothing in comparison).
You guys will see Fernando shilling chainlink for a while, more than ever. Hes been sending emails to the team (one for the BIG GUYS he put the team emails on cc) and he is pretty much willing to suck any dick to "attone for his fuck ups". Hell, he is even getting in touch with youtubers to chill backstage and "look what I did guys".
You motherfuckers think $8 is good? It should've gone that high back in December if everything went acording to plan.
At least the fire has settled for now.
I will not be doxxing myself, but stay tunned. Staking is ready to go, we only need greenlight from Sergey himself (well, kinda).
Expect something big in the next 6 mo.

Also, Fernando is a LINK swinger, if anyone cares.

Might stay here and answer some questions, but nothing that would make it clear to who I am (some info is pretty confidential and we know who knows, even if we dont "know").

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>mfw Mr Monopoly sold at .50

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>team holding 65% of tokens is BULLISH

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Great job anon

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leave chainlink to me

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>mfw the project that made chainlink balloon to a $1B marketcap turned out to be a scam but I was still able to unload my bags at $4

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What happened to the rest of the startups?

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Fernando Ribeiro

helped give chainlink a $1B evaluation with his oracle startup scam

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what the fuck is his problem?

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This man will dropping a bomb on us tomorrow. Be ready!

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The dust is settling before we hit $4 at least today. Today will be a big day for link so if you want a quick buck I suggest you buy within the next 2 hours nigger

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Who are the 50 startups?

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No one gives a shit. The smart contract panel already happened and with a big shock no mention of this shit bag I held from $5 to fucking $1.68

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>fucks up again
>oops (farts) excuse me....just fucked up the coding again... yeah, Im a big fan of game of thrones.... get some asian to fix my shitty coding will ya? That costed people money? Nobody has to know *snort*, now go clean this up

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How do I steal his sperm? I want to impregnate my wife when she’s asleep and make high IQ super babies.

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