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You FID buy FRX last week right Anons? You don’t LIKE being poor do you? It was a Green Day today!

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Is buy FRX and AHAC still but this week I would buy more AHAC than FRX.

FRX.B will be a buy in the coming weeks when it is listed.

TIGR will be a buy if it drops back below 30 on another red day. With TIGR though it’s really about buying it at 29 and selling at 34 or 35 for a quick 15-20%, it is NOT like AHAC and FRX and FRX.B which will be 100% gains over a period of a few months.

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How will you feel when you wake up with no FRX?

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Oh noooooooooo! The Shaquille O’Neil SPAC looks like a scam oh noooooooo!

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Beach body brings in over $1,000,000,000 in cash every quarter......

Cash flow
>double check
Cult following
>triple check
Executive team
>quadruple check

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