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Yes! I ve been crushing buckets of gold ore in the Jack of Clubs general store parking lot all day. Not a ton of gold but for sure enough free mill to have a buckets worth sent off for assay.
Best of all weathers turned to sun shine, so i can go get work done properly!
I have several hard rock silver claims and have found a lot of silver ore over the years. Pic related is Argentite silver from my main silver property. I ve found aquamarines and rubies but nothing amazing. My man Herb Hyder is BCs leading gem stone finder, look him up if your interested in that sort of thing.

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The reason I am going all in on those claims is the assay results of the samples I picked up last year and this spring, some of the ore was incredible, 20-300 grams per tonne silver, 5-90 grams per tonne gold, also massive lead zinc numbers too. I don't have to move much over borden off the surface, the rocks on surface, very easy to trench or slab saw samples off of. But I need to find out if the veins go to depth, if they do I am set. If not than o well, I could probably dig the highest grade stuff myself and make some money that way too.

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i really hope the wilderness isnt closed in my province this season, I have a 100 tonnes of high grade ore on my gold / silver property I want milled to see if the asseys hold up.

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