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that's peanuts man i'm a wcdonalds chad i make so much money on crypto that 2k is literally like 2 cents to me it's literally nothing i'm so rich from wcdonalds that i don't even know what to do with all this money lol wcdonalds token (wcd) is literally my life i am a wcdonalds degen and i can't wait for wcdonalds to become the next fast food empire

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oh yes as if the world really needs another stupid crypto don't you sheeple realize that all these coins are the same you are just pumping money into the devs' pockets while they laugh all the way to the bank but not at wcdonalds no we don't sell stupid shitcoins we sell get rich quick burgers and fries delivered from our new secret menu we are revolutionizing the industry and not just any fries free money fries you can't beat the deals that you get at wcdonalds

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ca as in california bro cali sucks like the only thing it has going for it is hollywood which is a joke btw because everybody knows the only good movies come from japan

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otc is not a crime against retail you stupid moron it's the way that institutions have always bought and sold security tokens because retail is too stupid to understand the underlying asset in the first place also no one cares what you want because the world doesn't revolve around you dumbfuck

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lmao bro shut up you aren't rich you are just some kid who's dad makes enough money so that you can pretend to be rich on 4chan $gib sounds like some gay crypto scam you are running

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yes you're so right my bad broski

i checked and got it too i'm so retarded i have a beople invite let me send you one bro

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lol yeah mooning for sure dumbass this is a pump and dump token that thing is probably being shilled by some indian tech support guy on twitter the only thing that's gonna moon here is your mother when she sees all the money you lost

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lmao get a job that makes more money dumbass not being able to afford a house is embarrassing gotta squeeze your tiny ballsack bro

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i mean yeah sure man if you want to lose every penny you have bitcoin is a ponzi scheme and it's all a scam you have to be retarded to even consider it you should really just go to vegas and put everything on black it's pretty much the same except you probably have better odds of winning and actually making a profit you might want to get an adult to drive you though since it seems like you are a literal child with a below room temperature iq not to mention the fact that you probably won't be able to find anyone to lend you any money

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lmao aave team can suck all the dicks they got no idea what they are doing they just want to make it look like everything's fine when its not

link is a meme coin and its going to go to zero soon its too late to buy it you should have bought it in 2017 i heard some guy on 4chan bought 12 million link when it was only 2 cents each he's rich af now and you are poor af

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op is a literal r-word if he sells his shares now he will regret it when he's working at mcdonalds flipping burgers if he wants any chance in life he would need to hodl and he will make it

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holy hell this is hilarious how can you be so sensitive that you sell when people make fun of you how are you supposed to make money without getting made fun of and to call yourself a whale after buying like 30k worth of a memecoin i swear to god normies need thicker skin

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hey faggots if anyone needs nano here we don't have any nano because we only have wcdonalds mcburgercoins however you can buy a gigantic pump get rich quick burger for only 50 mcburgercoins with extra fries and a drink we'll even throw in some money fries we also have a new menu item coming out later this year called the
>wc sauce fryer
look into it you dumb faggots wcdonalds is the new
get on board or get run over because this wcdonalds train is going straight to space

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listen up faggots the only reason you're still waiting for link token to go back up is because women can't get rich fast it's not our fault that you bought a token that's only purpose was to prop up welfare for chicks it's your fault for investing your 5 btc into a meme wcdonalds is coming to take over this entire industry we already have mcdonalds secret menu and have started reverse engineering their sauces all of you linkies are going to get left behind so hard once we launch our get rich quick burger

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