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In this moment I an euphoric, not because of some phony god's blessing, but because of the pinworms in my anus.

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You all are seriously smoking something great if you think CBDCs are going to use any public blockchain or encryption standard at all.

The NSA classifies cryptography as Suite A or Suite B. Suite A is unpublished and the algorithms are classified which means no one, not IOTA, XRP, HBAR(Although Leeman was in the USAF and his tech is patented so maybe he knows a little something about the classified algos) will be used.

CBDCs will use products they have been working on for years as outlined in this doc https://www.bis.org/publ/arpdf/ar2022e3.htm

The blockchains and algorithms have never been published. No one knows how they work and no one ever will. They certainly wont use any public facing blockchain that can be attacked or studied.

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Shortages are bullish said the soxl crowd 3 months ago.

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MFW SOXL is going to single digits and there are still bagholders who won't capitulate

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>live very cheaply and save, wait for dip (2008 crash - dip was 2012 for real estate in my market)
>use FHA mortgage (like 5-6% down payment)
>buy most expensive house that you can afford the monthly mortgage AND maintenance on
>be very choosy about your neighborhood, do not buy within 1/2 mile of apartments (poor people)
>plan for enough $ budget to replace/maintain roof, exterior paint, interior paint, half the plumbing, half the appliances, and miscellaneous (sprinklers, gutters, sewer, stucco, etc.)
>roommates if you need the extra dough, but be very careful being a landlord, lots of freeloaders
t. 500K in equity on 5K down

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>journey has been priceless
well, not an actual price though.
The actual price is
(0.00008616 - 0.00000885)/0.00008616 * 100
That would be -90%
Priceless though lmao

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>Anon, you sound like the virgin that
>Anon, you have a really low self esteem,
i didnt start this mean shit.

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>people bought ICP at $300+

I have to say, I'm impressed that ICP bag holders still have any hope left.
Every time a shitcoin I bought rugged, I just moved on and tried to forget about it.
The fact that ICP bag holders haven't moved on tells me it could pump back to....oh, $10 maybe?

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checked and kek'd

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this, nobody with a brain is unironically years posting.
>see shitty fud
>create shitier fud
>get btfo
>fudfags eternally btfo

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good deeds carried out anonymously are the most sincere form of morality

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Suregay was only supposed to hire cute little Asian girls. It's over. The dream is dead.

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fudders eternally btfo

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>$729,000 USD = $576,029 CAD


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.11 usd here

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long term got to me. glad I filled your bags men ...you are much more so than I

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