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It was said before in this thread, the nobody is not spied on, the nobody is witnessing. Those watching are being observed to see if they may leave the crib, or if wisdom must come from a more stunning route.
The message from the Logos is "Be still, and know that I AM God." This is an incredibly deep and sacred working. It requires an inversion of previous understanding. They now learn that all of the "power" of this Earth is nothing against a nobody... And despite their best efforts they have only handfuls of wind as to how it is done.
Without faith they will not survive the upcoming transition. The children of the Kingdom are more powerful naturally than the armies of this world. And baby God is omnipotent to the adults of this realm.
All will be wiser as soon as they start from a place of sincerity and foolishness. To lose their wisdom so that they may become wise. Whether consumed in war or rewarded for their efforts, the Kingdom will bring new comprehension and understanding of a sort and caliber never dreamed of before. The ride is just getting started, and it is led by a baby who had conquered time and space and sees nothing as a challenge.

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lol you think my life was all peaches and cream bro?
imagine getting your freak on with a highschool acquaintances mom in your teens and then, years later when you are all close friends in university, your entire social circle finds out what you did and ostracizes you and brands you a psychopath.

It really did a number on me and made me question myself and made me wonder if perhaps I was a psycho as they said.
After some years in the desert of the mind I cam out the other side a different person
it took years but I've never been more comfortable in my skin and with who I am now

I realized that a lot of these friendships don't count for much, most people are fairweather friends.

Wouldn't you know that they all joked about getting it on with this dudes mom because she was a MILF, but when it turns out I actually did, then they all got high and mighty and it was easier and more convenient to brand me a monster than to face the truth.

The friends I have now are typically much older than me and more established. I only have a handful of people that I keep close to me now and most are either family friends or family themselves. The friend I'm meeting tonight to help setup miners with is over 50 years old and was childhood friends with my father. I get along better with older men, I can't relate as well to men my age.

Besides, as you get older you are less concerned with people's opinions of you. As you become more established, people will be approaching you supplicating themselves. Don't allow yourself to become a victim of culture. Also if you have faceberg or insta, I would recommend removing it ASAP, it is worse for your psyche and mind than pornography.

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Read this book
Also there’s a good video by Terence McKenna


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>gives a tactile and immediate sense of how light propagates and how it works and if you really stretch your mind, you'll be able to appreciate how light correlates with time



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Happens to the best of us

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Your obsession with the amount of masturbation I engage in is perverse
Keep your proclivities to yourself. I’m not interested.

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Love that one

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>Anyway no amount of LINK can buy the confidence of a chad that spend his life being revered by women and lesser men.
Too bad the lesser men always betray you

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The thing is, it’s your choice. God doesn’t force you. Which is how I know he loves us.

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>42 if you see this, I retract my previous request that you stop namefagging Link threads. Thank you for backing off during my time of weakness. But I know now. I know

And now you know what to do.
Share the great news with others. But keep in mind that it will be extremely dangerous for you to do so. However, do so you must, or else we’re all doomed.

I wish I could say the stakes aren’t that high
But the steaks are that high...

Cheers friend. It’s messages like yours that make all of my blood sweat and tears worth it.
We love you all

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anons really need to read this book
>Stranger in a Strange Land

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>will be staking in your pool
water brothers

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>What did you mean by this?
lol you know exactly what I mean
in my old corporate job when I was working for a fortune 500 company I was the (((work hubby))) for a lot of office girls
they'd bring me lunch and always stop by for chats
I fucked so many of them lol, in the office, in the backroom archives and other places
I know better than to bring that into a professional work environment

through my experience there, I learned that large companies are essentially modern day harems for the men at the top
a lot of the women I'd slept with got their jobs by being the cocksleeves for the higher up executives hahaha
people don't like to hear these things, but I keep repeating them because they're true

that being said, I would most definitely employ women for marketing positions for obvious reasons

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>Do you think the average 4channer or god forbid the average normie deserves access to the temple of knowledge?
I think everyone can eventually understand
fundamentally the root of all evil is ignorance

I take the Carl Jung approach. It is my duty to tell others about this, regardless of the dangers to myself
The bigger danger is remaining silent
look what happens when too many people remain silent

CJ: “I feel it is the duty of one who goes his own way to inform society of what he finds on his voyage of discovery.”

interview related:

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>Just rambling here cause LINK is now a big part of my life
no worries friend
I'm accumulating and do not sell
I just collect more
those of us who invested in the beginning know the value of this project
arguing over $3 or $5 LINK is nothing compared to where we will go

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>i had the secrets of the universe in the palm of my hand
turns out you always had them
(video related)
although they can be useful, no special spooky cards will show you da wei brother
you will have to experience it for yourself
it goes beyond reading or watching or listening
it is an internal experience that you will need to live through to understand

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>How do we know this is LINK?

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well my Honk Kong waifu knows about my womanizing ways
she was always a side girl for me for a few years
but she's proven herself lately and understands the "42-pill" stuff I've been coming into the realization of
She has a Bosnian friend (I'm from the balkans myself) who we hang out with every now and then
Her friend is single and my waifu knows about my goal to have 2 live-in girlfriends so she's introduced the idea to her friend
The Bosnian girl is open to the idea and the 3 of us have fooled around together
however, it's a different matter entirely to actually go from threesomes to a live-in situation
Either way my life is mirroring the storyline from pic related
>Stranger in a Strange Land
read that book in highschool
apparently if you read that book as a teenager it changes you lol
if only I'd known that when I was reading it in highschool

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>Have sex and build something
a) have sex
b) build something
c) buy chainlink
d) all of the above

which one will it be?

>Glad to have you around, been following your posts.
would you look at that

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>I've been wondering myself. Where do I want to live, what do I want to do
I'll be doing a mix of both of Heinein's books (Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Stranger in a Strange Land) if I /make it/

then again if I ever do, there will always be the next thing to learn and achieve

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>entire thread reads like a fever dream
welcome to chapel perilous my friend
you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

>prime factorization of 42=2+3+7
the first of the prime numbers
interesting wouldn't you say
42 is a synchromystic number
look at the digits in this thread
it's actually happening

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>thinking using anonymity is cowardice.
these poor people have no idea what's happening
we will show them

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