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Trying to suppress a decentralized, borderless, digital technology in the age of information is just.. it blows me away.
This shit is an inevitability. If you turn youre back to it, other countries will just de-dollarize and adapt.
Saudi governments and energy giants are ALREADY ditching the dollar to build out this infrastructure.
And we already have data points on the key advantages of crypto even during wartime. We saw all that.
What the fuck is the US doing? Im actually fucking embarrased by this. Just a bunch of boomers suing crypto companies trying to stop it while the rest of the world blows full steam ahead into a new age.
Like what the fuck are we doing lmao. This whole house is about to come crashing down because american elite have become cavemen so deeply attached and reliant upon this vintage, broken fuckin system. They cant even entertain the idea of adapting to this changing world, it is DONE man I mean it is fucking DONE. These people are actually retarded by greed.

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