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If you want actual advice, increase you salary. You aren't going to rise above poorfaggotry by investing alone.

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Depends on what your personal finance situation is like, but generally speaking IRAs are worth it. I'm in the 24% bracket but only paying 10% in taxes because of 401k/IRA/HSA/etc deductions.

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Good advice or Reddit flowchart bullshit?

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Pic related is 90% of what you need to know.
Expanding on the other anon's post, the value of an ETF is diversity. If you own 500 stocks and 1 fails, you're down less than 1% because the other 499 are propping up the value of the ETF. In that sense it's great for loss prevention. The other key element is the trend for the past century for stocks to go up, so you can "generally" assume that whatever you buy today will build over time and be worth more in 30 years. The only real downside is that it is a slow grind and you won't moon with any ETF, so your time horizon is basically "keep this in this ETF until I retire".

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this is all basic personal finance. these are the questions I'd expect from the basement dwelling gambling addicts on this board, not a productive member of society.

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Also OP take a look at this. Once you have this part down, then start buying whatever coins you’d like from here

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I took a personal loan of $20k when I was 19 to buy crypto 2 years ago. Panned out pretty well, sitting around 130k rn (peaked at 200k in december 2017)

It's risky but definitely doable. Everyone called me a fucking idiot for taking a loan to invest in crypto but if a bull market is imminent/happening and you invest in good shit, it's not really that bad.

Plus it all depends on your risk threshold. For me personally, I have stable enough income that if my entire 20k were to go to shit, I could simply sell my car and buy a beater instead, and the loan payments would take over my previous car payments. (Or at least that was my plan when I originally took the loan).

I only make about 45k right now, but I live comfortably. (21 y/o)

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Can't remember where I found this, but pretty solid. Read through it and Google what you don't understand.

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Just follow this.

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This is all you need.

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There you go. Investments.. I'd recommend low cost index funds (VTSAX/FZROX, etc), some bonds, etc. maybe an 80/20 split depending on your risk tolerance levels.

People say the market is overdue for a correction and maybe they're right. Keep enough liquid to weather out any short term storms (2-3 years) and invest the rest. If the global economy tanks and never recovers we're all fucked anyway.

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leddit is useful sometimes

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Boring personal finance thread for boomers and aspiring wage slaves. No crypto allowed.

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there are cc specifically made for building credit. don't know why your coming to 4chan before just googling it.
depends on the interest on the debt

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>What the hell do you mean your not supposed to keep your cash (money) in liquid cash?
you're should want to get the best possible return on your money you can get, and only keep enough liquid cash on hand for daily spending and emergencies.
>Why is the govt controlled institutions encouraging investment? But not encouraging savings too?
investments are savings. whether that be stocks, bonds, or in yourself in the form of education or assets (house, car, etc).
>They aren't suppoSed to be involved in this shit. Where does it say in the first constitution that govt is supposed to encourage investment?
well, paving roads and putting out fires isn't in the constitution either. economic and monetary policy is something the founding fathers had to tackle as well.

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Sold my stack I bought b/w 17 and 20 cents today. I've realized the project is moving way too slow and they're easily going to get BTFO'd by competitors and other solutions. I think it actually had some chances to moon and start getting some legit interest from the crypto community but biz pretty much ensured that every time someone posted about it that the threads or articles got removed because of all the racism/hate replies etc.

Now I dumped my bags on some of you and made 40k in profit which I'll move into some cryptos with futures, and will laugh at everyone who holds to zero.

Pic unrelated.

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tips from people who made it:

>pay yourself first

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