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so we have smart money in the house.

Ok here is my research. I think the only thing set to go up is Ethereum. Basically in a nut shell its because it can scale and both fortune 500 and world Government people back it in mass.

Links bellow

https://entethalliance.org/members/ (EEA is the base root of Corporate adoption )

https://identity.foundation/ (EEA member for Goverment ID on Ethereum ) scroll down to memebers.

https://digitalchamber.org/membership/ ( EEA member for commerce )

https://www.blockchainresearchinstitute.org/members/ ( Another EEA member )

https://www.hyperledger.org/members ( A major EEA member. This is for internal corporate use to hook into Ethereum )

https://id2020.org/leadership ( Best for last. This is a Biometric ID chip that will be rolled out with the COV-19 Vaccine. David Treat is on the board. He is also on the Board of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Also Project directly linked to Ethereum through https://identity.foundation/ )

Also the Guy Who helped make USDC at coinbase is now the second in command at the FED (Brian Brooks)

Extra: David Treat is on the Board of Directors at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He is a smart guy who gets around. bellow is a list of blockchain project he is involved in.

( project director )

( team member ) ( scroll down to partners )

( program adviser ) ( look at partners on right side )

( program adviser ) ( travel international identity )

( Board of directors )

Also ID2020.org

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