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Anon, reply back to this post and answer honestly as possible;

if you could partition out the internet now to 1 Billion units and put a single unit for sale, how much would a unit of the internet be worth?

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>and use my wagie bux to invest in this amazing clown market then it is to spend years in college for most likely another shit job I don’t wanna do anyways that at the most pays double of what I’m currently paid.

I don't think you're the type of guy >>49689058 is referring to by virtue of you being on this board and leveraging your wagie bux for other financial opportunities for a better life. You have ambition, you just reject the traditional norms to success.

I have friends who would complain about their positions and how they're treated but they don't want to be in positions of power and they don't look for other avenues for financial freedom. I'd argue they're more in line with the original point of being ambitionless.

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I was 26 and I had $3K to my name, a job I hate and next to no prospects in life. Now, I still have the job I hate, but am trying to start up a company and have close to half a milly in crypto.

At your age, TWENTY FUCKING 2 (22) I was working at a lab for free and I was too picky and ended up not transitioning into a full time job and ended up going home where I was busy doing basic jobs from substitute teaching to flipping burgers.

STFU about "I need to make it or I'm ending it!". Life doesn't turn out how you want to turn out. Focus on making something of your life. This can take months, years, even decades, but threatening suicide if you can make yourself happy in 3 years is just loser speak. Stop being a loser. Develop some patience and think like a winner.

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>I always knew if I was rich I’d spoil the shit outta my seeds. Why? I grew up piss poor. 6 siblings in a 3 bdrm all sharing everything. I wanted $ to improve my situation. Definitely did not want my children to ever want so I kept on buying or saying yes when appropriate.
>Whatta fucking bonehead mistake.

Heh. I was just talking to my friend who I'm a god father to her kid for. When I first started learning to invest and getting into Link, I told her that I was gonna for her kid's college funds and spoil all my friends LOTS.

My thoughts now? Never. Absolutely not. When you keep doing for others, you'll give them a false sense of expectations and entitlement, they won't truly understand the value of what you've done for them. More importantly, for money, people choose their life partners, sacrifice their own bodies and morals and even kids for it. I won't devalue these important life decisions (should I spend time learning how to make extra income? Do I really want to be in this super easy job but gets me nowhere or should I get a career change? Do I really want to date this deadbeat?) by imparting that kind of money.

But I'm quite generous with knowledge, I shilled Chainlink to all my peeps. Most ignored me, but a couple got in though I somewhat regret telling them.

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Tell me right now. Did you ever read ANY of these articles here?


Because we all know you didn't. So shut the fuck up. We've had weekly discussions on ALL these articles and EVERY SINGLE partnership announced for the past 3 YEARS.

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Okay good, you are aware of Link's worth. You may be a nulinker but I'll toss you a bone; most marines DO NOT have 100K Link tokens. It's 1K for a suicide stack and 10K is a make it stack. The only reason why people are throwing out the 100K to make it line is to demoralize and deter nulinkers from accumulating. The reality is 1 Link is what's needed to make it. The Chainlink network is the internet of the blockchains. Imagine if the internet as we know it now was partitioned into a billion parts, i.e. tokens. With all its connectivity to here, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, connecting phones and computers and cars and all other sites and games; how much do you think one of the tokens would be worth? Blockchain tech is going to revolutionize the internet for even more productivity, how much do you think one of those tokens will be worth then?

That will be the future value of Chainlink.

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>I bought for the first time same day as Google tweet.

You are the very embodiment of a nulinker. There's a difference between buying in because you believe there's a partnership with Google because one Google affiliate follows someone who follows Chainlink versus Google straight up announcing a partnership with Chainlink. This is what the Chainlink community did for 2 years, connecting the sheer amount ties for an incredible spiderweb Chainlink covers. But you did well to hold, I'll give you that. If I had the link to the compendium of all the ties Link had to the industry and big name companies, I'd post it for you, but alas, I only have memes and positive thoughts to share.

meme/fanart archive

bullish positive thoughts

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This is a falseflag topic
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Let me spell it out for ALL of you brainlets.

1 is needed to make it. Yes. Just 1. Think about if the internet as we know it now could be partitioned into 1 billion parts, how many dollars do you think it'd be worth? A lot right? Link tokens will essentially power the next generation of the internet which will have VASTLY more utility due to the integration of smart contracts and subsequently financial opportunities.

HOWEVER, it will take time to gain adoption. Just as the dynamics of the world changed considerably between the '00s and 2010 and 2010 and now, so too will happen with the Web 3.0. So it's not a matter of how much to make it, it's a matter of when you want to make it. 20 years for 1 token. 5 years for 100 tokens. Maybe within the next 2 years for 1K.

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What benefit does this mindset have? You don't create anything, you don't try to better humanity, you're not contributing to society.

No fucking wonder you're so bloody miserable. If you think the world is trash you're going to be miserable. If you think this world is a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected and cherished, you'll care for it more, you'll contribute more, and ultimately you'll get more out of it through positive experiences, possibly wealth, and the happiness you seek. Perspective and attitude matters far more than you believe.

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bruh, half of us here are going to millionaires thanks to Link and a subset are to be billionaires because they were here for ETH to profit off of before investing into Link.

It's more so being at the right place at the right time and being able to manage risk to take up the opportunities as there are tons of hard workers and talented folks out there who are too afraid to step out of their shell and try something that might fail.

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You should read over Thinking Fast and Slow again. You didn't understand what you read.

What influences the price of Chainlink OP? Why is it that the community is so obsessed with Chainlink hitting $1K? Why do they believe it will?

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>how does it make you feel when you see this sort of thing? Isn't incredible how people are scraping large amounts of fiat together just to get a suicide stack that cost you $300 or so when you actually DYOR?

I wanted to get into bitcoin back in 2013 but I thought I had to mine to get into it; didn't realize I could buy it directly. Didn't jump into crypto till last year. I missed out on (thankfully) the crash and after Ethereum's claim to fame.

So no, I feel no such a way to nulinkers. You have to start somewhere and fortunate comes to those who are at the right place and at the right time, and more importantly, are PREPARED to take up the opportunity. I won't look down on nulinkers for getting in on this "late". If you could jump in on the BTC at $10 even though it started off at less than 50 cents, would you?

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Everything you need to know about the fundamentals OP. I'm only doing this because you've attracted people who have made honest comments.

If nothing else, what company do you know of that has attracted the attention of multibillion dollar corporations and, more importantly, has had spin off companies created INDEPENDENTLY to support and profit off their platform?

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>IQ isn't racist bullshit, it's society-specific and there are racist idiots who use IQ to say that people in africa are 70IQ because they don't know what a lamp is. comparing two people who both grew up middle class in america are going to be comparable, no matter their race.

It's not just income levels, it's the cultural norms in which someone was raised upon that influences their success. I come from a middle class home, but I was raised smack dab in the ghettos and went to a school where they threw pizza parties for us passing a school accreditation test. Contrast this to a friend of mine who went to school with literal royalty and was taught physics in 9th grade. So when I went to college, I'm playing catch up half the time to other folks who went to really good HS and I can easily see the sheer difference in knowledge bases.

I feel people who equate race with IQ fail to factor in the cultural dynamics that help influence people's direction and preparation at life. See, this line here:

>White men don't rank at the top of IQ tests, but if you give a white man a hammer he will build a great civilization. Asians typically rank higher, and if you give an Asian man a hammer he will just make more hammers. Why? I have no idea but that is how it is.

Black culture is notoriously toxic and collectivist so you waste a lot of time trying to block out the noise if you want to succeed while raised in that environment.

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>boomercoin shits the bed
>drags everyone else down
for fucks sake can this piece of shit dinosaur tech just die

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How do bears live with themselves? What are their ways of coping?

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>Anon my children won't have to work.

Anon, this mentality will doom your kids to losing your money and disconnect them from the rest of the world. You have to teach them to grow your money. Which involves work. I wholly recommend watching this so you can help your future kids better to relate to others.


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Dump has begun. There's nothing more to this conference than "oracle knows chainlink exists and may or may not do something involving link at some point in the distant future". Sell

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Stop posting this literal whore here. Fuck off

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Link literally cannot break $1.99. Read the white paper.

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Guys, to get a perspective on just small this community is and how early you all are, check out the amount of holders of Chainlink.


The 1000th largest wallet holder is 40K. And I can guarantee you a bunch most people have multiple wallets to split up their link, so you know 1000th largest holder of chainlink has much less than 40K. So think about that for a second, as well as the fact that there are currently 31K wallets holding Chainlink in the ENTIRE WORLD.

So stop worrying about whether you have enough and be satisfied with what you have. And if you really want to make a change, you'll put the time in to learn to run your node.

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>this is zoomiest post i've ever seen, imagine thinking rap in 2019 is music.

Regardless of your opinion on rap, it is used as an insanely effective tool on messaging and communicating to the rest of the community of the politics of the culture. In the US, we have free speech, to the point where you can tell Trump to go kill himself and even create imagery of him embarrassed, humiliated, killed, decapitated, etc, and you'll still have your freedoms. This isn't the case in other countries where speaking out against the government gets you jailed, flogged and possibly killed. Rap, in spite of the consequences, is used to to fight against their respective governments. It's gotten to point where the Chinese is commissioning rap videos to spruce up people's opinion of the government and even Vladimir Putin acknowledge how powerful rap is and that censoring it is futile so they should control it.

Our budding, but abrasive and obnoxious rapper does have a point. Not that his posts ever reflect on the significance of rap.

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No it doesn't; that's trying to tape down a gushing pipe. If you want to to halt the mass immigration, you need to understand WHY it exists in the first place. In the US, guns flow down to Central America to power the cartels which in turn devastate their communities and send them fleeing up to the US in droves. In the Middle East, war torn and drone blasted countries (taken down in the name of democracy) send refugees seeking peace and safety over to Europe. In Northern Africa, droughts due to climate change have caused people to lose their way of living so they travel north to Europe in the name of financial prosperity as a result.

If you want to preserve your nation, you better learn why it's happening in the first place and what would solve the problem. Obviously militant groups worsens the problem and causes the immigrant community to cling together and fight back harder.

And for the record, I have the opposite problem in my home. Everyone is fleeing for greater pastures since it's a 3rd world country and while they're looking for the American dream, rich Americans and other wealthy people are coming down to live the dream of being in paradise; by buying up all the houses to eventually push us out. You think shooting them up will solve this? No, I have educate and strengthen the overall value of my own people so we don't get left behind.

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