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Pleb talk.

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Sold my tsla short term call for 5800 profit did I sell too early?

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What’s safest defi coin out there right now? Like one that will be used but possibly boring but not as boring as ETH?

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Greetings all

So I have been on a hiatus from the whole crypto game for +3years (Other real life obligations, market crashing without me getting out, etc).
However it seems to be more relevant than ever to come back, especially after this whole Corona business and the money printers going wild. I think
an alternative is more relevant than ever.

It's obviously basically a full time job to keep up with this market.

So for now my Portfolio is doing alright, but what big news/adoption cycle stuff did i miss?

Is Hardware wallet + Google auth still sufficent for security?

I hear that you can make passive income staking via this new Defi thing - Anything more i should know there?

Any help is much appreciated in advance.

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