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someone please make an old school hip hop track with this cover

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>chainlink's success is secured
it was always secured, even before the ICO happened.
the winners are picked far in advance.

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this ones also good

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My linkies are getting stinkier by the day

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Honestly Johnny should just hire somebody to slit Mat's throat. Business used to be a lot simpler back in the day. You have a disagreement and you just kill the other guy. Now we have this fucking faggot who keeps talking and creating a mess because he was such a fag that couldn't act professionally so Johnny had no option other than to kick him off. Who the fuck chats in the Discord all the time and Telegram when you are a co founder of a company with huge potential? Do you go tweeting on Twitter how Trump has Putin's jizz in his belly? Like what the actual fuck is wrong with these people? Everything seems to go well, LP price holding strong, Chainlink growing etc etc and you just can't stfu and focus on your work. What a fucking piece of shit. He will be the first on the list when Ari is done with his assassination smartcontracts.

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Low Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 10% of the derivatives market and 5% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $63.5 Billion, and a value of $63.50 per Link token.

Medium Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 30% of the derivatives market and 10% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $381 Billion, and a value of $381 per Link token.

Moon Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 100% of the derivatives market and 100% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $12.7 Trillion, and a value of $12,700 per Link token.

*note: This is only looking at today’s existing derivative contracts, and does not take into account other contracts not covered by this market, or the growth of the derivative market in the future.

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ayo nigga i aint tryna to fud but I got beef n shiet wit Chainlink. bruh Chainlink been on dat Ropsten for months n erryone finna expectin deez potential partners 2 test on dat test net. Sergey and his niggas even told yall to keep an eye on dat Ropsten to see dem customerz usin the network. Nigga it finna been 31 welfare payments n the only transactions on Ropsten been deadass average peeps takin the hunnit Ropsten link from tha faucet shiet. They aint no requests fo data. shiet, as a matter of fact homie some nigga aksed Thomas why and then Thomas got scurred n made a fake ass run to show it works. Homeslice, I see Tommy's request nigga but it be da only muthafuckin one.

Why aint no niggas testing on Ropsten? Where all these niggas at dat post to be creaming they underwear at the potenshul of Chainlink huh? Deadass tha lack of sergey n his niggas talkin, no updates and no fukkin worldstar presence, increasing competition from mobius niggas all red flags up in this bitch.

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It's been terrible last few days, we are finally getting back to crypto threads. Another couple weeks and we are back to normal and hopefully all the tourists are gone

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I love you guys.
We are all going to make it

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No worries. If the loan was longer I'd legit look into it but that's all we can do for now. Not knocking the no sell but I'm just doing what's best for myself currently. Never advocated for selling everything it's just my plan was always to take SOME profit and kick back. It's just a lot less stress with a safety net and we'll all still make it in the end

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>But ETH was never a scam
Enough people thought it was, seeking out "red flags" to confirm their suspicions. That's just how the human mind works. Currently you're experiencing severe cognitive dissonance trying to assure yourself that your assumption of LINK being a scam is true. The writing is on the wall but your ego won't let you see it: Literally 95% of crypto projects are using or will be using Chainlink.

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So you're telling me this project has confirmed ties to the banking cartel (Iso 20022 compliant, just in time for the Psd2 directive), the cream of the crop of global legal firms and institutions as well as some of the biggest tech companies in the blockchain space focused on the soon to be mass adopted enterprise level smart contracts such as consensys, Microsoft, IBM, docusign, Intel and Digital Asset and that the solution to the oracle problem which it is aiming to solve is essentially the God protocol as described by the creator of the smart contract concept himself, ie one of the main pillars of the fourth industrial revolution and the backbone of the future blockchain infrastructure (10% of global GDP in less than 10 years) that will allow massive automation of post trade processing, thus saving all the biggest markets such as derivatives, logistics and insurance possibly trillions in saving, AND its the only project of its kind due to its blockchain agnostic and decentralized nature and has the first mover advantage, but despite all these confirmed facts it's being largely ignored by the crypto community, although it has gone up from 120 to 45 ranking in a bear market with no marketing just in a couple of months, simply because a dozens of dedicated autistic neets down vote every possible clue about it on reddit and ACTIVELY fud their own investment instead of shilling it, because they're the only ones who realized this revolutionary project would basically replace all the lawyers with neet nodes where 1 link needs to be worth at least 5k usd in order to be sufficient collateral for the quadrillion derivatives market, the same neets who first called btc and eth when no one was taking crypto seriously and have harnessed the power of weaponized autism and meme magick to put Trump in the white house? Do you realize how delusional and insane that sounds? Personally I'm all in.

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god i fucking love this pasta it's gonna take some time before it goes stale

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>$50 is now fud
what a time to be alive

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How many more partnerships does one man need?


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Those were the days. If I remember correctly selling was the right play in the end, because link dropped to a low of 1k sats a while later kek. I managed to almost sell the exact bottom only to buy back in higher a few days later. It's so easy to buy high and sell low if you're new to crypto

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Ight schlim

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Remember, he sold?

Some inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfhtZ2bZd0g

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