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I bought the top

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Shill me the best miners to invest in

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the fud prevented me from buying more but at least I had my 30k locked in staking so I didn't sell

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I bought shortly after their direct listing because I thought they were like Cambridge Analytica. Any anons know if they are similar or is I retarded?

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>Buy high
>Sell low
>"I'm not gonna do it again"
>Rises to 250
>FOMO kicking in
>Buying again
>He bought? Doomp it.
>Bought high
>Sell low

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Oh. O-okay.
>puts away windex

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yeah and I like tiddies but I would prefer Chie because she will teach me how to high kick before letting me choke her.
Or Rise because she's 100% slavishly devoted to pleasing you

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/pol/tard here.
Not shitting you. I've never invested. I'm a neet due to covid. BUT instead of buying what's in my Amazon cart now I can buy one stock of GME.
I WILL do it. How do I do it fast and easy? I stay up all night anyway so when the market opens I'll buy and hold until 1k or bust.
I don't fucking care. I want in on this. If I can 4x my money then great! If not then own well. It's Friday and I'm getting pizza anyway.

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I got in at $11.80 this morning. Only 15 shares though since I'm poor.
Am I helping by holding? Does this make me a Chad? Will she love me again?
based unbreaded chopcooker

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Im thinking about starting a group, maybe on discord or something that has 30ish people in it that serves as a motivation 'check in' group where people post their progress, inspiration, journal studies about motivation etc. Anyone interested?

Ideally id like it to be people that are ages 18-30, smart, interested in business and IMPROOVEMENT, trading would be OK but I dont want it to be a group with people with gambling addictions and no interest in starting businesses. I'd rather it was a group of content creators, music producers and the like.

Thoughts? I hope something like that could serve as a tool to keep people on track and motivate each other.

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Try considering a xsn node, chuck up 15k worth on stakenet to have the node running and its brainlet mode form there collect and sell or just keep it in the node to keep generating.

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Sorrry small brains that -1% just speelt your doom

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>Unconditional basic income

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You disgust me.

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based fellow NEET
people should respect us more

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if SpaceX went public there is no fucking way that Elon would be allowed to do crazy shit like launch cars into space and fund a mars mission. Shareholders would buy up share, put typical money fucks on the board and maximize profits by focusing on making satellite launches as cheap as possible and that's as far as SpaceX would go. It would be the satellite company.

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Mooning inshallah

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price and value are two completely different things

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pee pee poo poo

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hello, i was told this is the place to be to lose all my money.

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bearfag pls go

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fascinating image OP

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