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Ohhh stand back everyone the jews are here to tell us how much they love human fecal matter and anal!
They have to raid these threads to derail any discussion about Maren being a Luciferian tranny.

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>there are anons browsing /biz/ right now whose computer setups are worth more than their portfolio

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Holy fuck you guys are so smoothbrained. Does anyone here even know how EVM works? I've written smart contracts and bots that interact with smart contracts on ETH and this is not unusual activity when TX costs are low. Basically, you can scan the mem pool for transactions that either:
a. produce a higher input than output and can be called by anyone
b. call specific functions like swapping and exchanging

Then you frontrun the transaction and take profit. The failed transactions are either the frontrunner or original transactor failing. It's that fucking simple.

The shear seething by ethcucks still holding on to hopium is hysterical.

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Imagine staying this poor

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Imagine not buying BNB dip.... you did buy the BNB dip didn't you anon?

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holy shiit this thread! my fucking sides

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you're literally that pathetic Collin faggot seethe-posting on 4chan. do you also shill post here daily?

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>10% inflation
worse than the us dollar

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>he fell for the tether fud

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>research ampleforth. It's genuinely groundbreaking
link shills really were twisted kikes this whole time kek

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>efficient market hypothesis

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"Kleros Court"

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fucking kek

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>his skin is the colour of birdshit

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>Bitcoin is garbage. Literally worthless with no use case. Its similar to actual gold. Its coveted by retards with zero brains.
The point is that as long as majority of boomers/funds/s&p companies think BTC is perfect to store value, BTC will grow stronger regardless of some new tech ai 5.0 new paradigm shitcoin that can be cloned/forked/hacked/dumped to zero.
It’s free market bitch, bitcoin is us, mining and running full nodes, bitcoin doesn’t care about your opinion, either you are participating, either you are not.
It’s like saying Singapore (minor shitcoin) is better than US (the big boi). Yes, Singapore has more upward potential, because it’s fucking small, but US is dominating worldwide with strong military and because of infinite influence all over the world. China is like ETH, oligarchic communis.
So you are living in Singapore and keep repeating US people are retarded, while they clearly dominate tech creation, and ignore that there are 54 shithole/shitcoin african countries

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HEY MAN. HEY. hey.
It's a doggy dog world.

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> CoomChain rewards providers of COOM/ETH and COOM/LINK liquidity on Uniswap through prostate milking

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kek, always do the opposite of /biz/

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