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You borrow/loan Link on AAVE, some people do this to then turn around and loan stablecoins, some do this to long.
Most borrowers short Link on leverage, it is a massive pool of tokens to grab and dump into less liquidity with your 50x positions you can turn a better profit than with buying pressure.
When you take someone else's Link tokens you are by definition hoping it goes down in price so you can pay them less converted money back.

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>Diamond hands
I know your assblasted future. They can pay interest on loans for far longer than you can keep these bandwagon faggots convinced it will moon any day now.
You will sell, and you will sell cheap.
Mr. Wolf of wall street that just looked up options on Wikipedia 48 hours ago.

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It is, they confirmed it here:
And etherscan has a big banner on the wallet telling people not to transact with it now.

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It's script kiddy tier with a single developer and 3 actual commits. Basically you bought into an unaudited weekend project with a market cap in the millions.

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You mean the bullshit escrow feature literally no one uses which is why they are lobbing this hail mary fork?
I am not uneducated, I just actually understand Ripple is a scam. It is a pool of liquidity they dump into relentlessly and any real implementation of the tech is like hyperledger. The banks don't want your token and the volitility that comes with it. Think objectively about this for a second and stop your thought entrenchment.

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Shitting cumming and pissing truly are three of life's greatest experiences.
Eating doesn't even come close.

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Literal ISPs have tried to build mesh nets with 100% penetration in dense urban markets and failed.
But yeah your rasberry pi and antenna fighting with microwaves and timmies remote control car on public blocks of radio frequencies is gonna usher in the new age of the internet .

You are so insufferably retarted I can only take solace in the fact that you are going to lose all your money.

Side note , being a Bitcoin developer is not something to take pride in, past the initial idea their codebase is absolute shit , unironically.

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I know my chinks , those are jungle gooks, not mainlanders

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I'm happy for you Anon, but even in Texas that is not a lot of money.
You need to learn to negotiate a bit, if that is what they told you your salary was and you didn't even counter the offer than you are a cuck.

I bet you even told them what you used to make when they asked. ( It's how we identify the weak men )

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