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How close are you to achieving pic related?

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>we are the remains of the greatest civilization in history
>now globalization will slowly sell out the rest until everyone is just...meh tier
>post WW2 to end of the 90s was the greatest era

Now we are just trying to stay afloat until we all inevitably drown.

How does it feel to know you missed being a winner of history by only 3 or so decades

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Says who? Jesus? You're using up all the food and oxygen. Save some for my hookers.

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I was dumb and went way too crazy on a $10k limit, no APR for a year credit car I was given. Got cucked and had to rely on it for a bit. I've stopped using it, but now don't have the income to pay it off before the 17% interest kicks in at July, I'm pretty much breaking even.

What are my options /biz/?

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Ah, meant to post this one.

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