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Someone was jeetshilling AVI below 1m mc. I ignored it because its animal dogjeetshit. Now its up like 7x and I research it and its actually a bridge/arcade utility token. Great. Now I cant buy it because some animal coin biztards are already up 10x on it and I refuse to buy after them.

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Put 30 eth into this steaming pile of manure, and only got 26 eth back. I swear to Christ if I ever find myself in India for any reason whatsoever, there will be consequences.

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Mined btc and eth. Woulda been set for life and lost it all in a house fire, ironically enough, that was due to faulty wiring.

Backup your shit friends. Now I'm broke and a month away from being homeless. Life is a funny series of events. Fuck life.

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