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the people who bought bitcoin in 2011-2014 are not the people buying bitcoin today.
in fact the people buying bitcoin now would most certainly have fudded bitcoin in 2012 or made fun of you for talking about it. these cattlecucks only get in on things after it gains approval by authority figures.

the next bitcoin is definitely not Bitcoin, maybe not even crypto at all.

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in profit now. suck it

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early LINK adopter here. it already pumped. 10x gains from here are possible but not likely. btc is more likely to get a 10x at this point. there's no point in buying now, only selling. I'm looking to reinvest my LINK gains.
what are some good sub 100M mc coins

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I bought bitcoin for $100 and I bought ETH for $0.25 sold everything yesterday.

If you are buying or holding ETH, BTC or any other crypto now you are an idiot! The price of Ethereum is still $1025! Thats a lot more than it should be worth. The price of a bitcoin is still sky high at 30THOUSAND dollars!
There are still bagholders that paid peanuts for these useless numbers still to dump. People with tens of thousands of BTC and ETH. They will be selling soon. The only function of BTc was that it increased your money, well now all it does is decrease your money. No one is going to buy something like that. So on the one hand, you have eye watering high prices and huge whales ready to dump and on the other hand you have no demand because putting money in crypto recently is watching it go up in flames. What do you think is going to happen?

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in 2022 we will all get girlfriends

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I hope all you retards bought the ABNB dip

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Just Stop. Quantum computing is not going to "hack" Bitcoin.

It has already been widely debunked as an attack against the PoW blockchain, it doesn't even make sense with the way public keys are broadcast and the time window required.

The top leaders right now only have like 100 qubits, and that's WITHOUT error correction. For cryptography you need error-corrected bits because even one bit out of place nullifies the entire result because of the avalanche effect. The types of problems that Google and others have shown "supremacy" on are NOT related at all to the algorithms that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use. You need THOUSANDS of qubits to be able to perform calculations on something like ECDSA for example.

If quantum computers are upgraded to thousands of qubits (error-corrected mind you!!) some time in the future, that would threaten classical cryptography in general. Every single website you visit, all communications online, would be at risk. So the world will upgrade algorithms to quantum-resistant versions. And that includes cryptocurrencies. The digital signature algorithm that Bitcoin uses can be upgraded with the public consensus of miners. Just like the rest of the SSL/TLS/HTTPS world, Bitcoin will upgrade its security long before quantum computers are able to affect it in any way.

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Will that number ever be seen again? Uh oh..

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God fucking dammit why do I never hear a word about these projects until long after a few 100x pumps have already occurred and there's clearly nothing more to be gained

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My dad thinks he has 10k LINK...
Long story short back in 2018 my dad gave me like 3k to buy Chainlink, I bought it, held for like six months then sold it for some other shit coin... unfortunately my dad never got the memo and as LINK has gone up in value it’s becoming harder and harder for me to dodge and evade his questions. I’ve been counting on the fact that if he wanted to cash out a couple grand I could just send it to him from my pay check but now that it’s a six figure sum idk wtf to do. The worst part is my dad is in his early seventies, idk how he ever found out about LINK but I actually think if he finds out he doesn’t have 10k LINK it will give him a heart attack

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I don’t have any knowledge of business/economics or the stock market, I just post rage and meme threads as well as give bad advice out of my ass.

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I can see myself selling 40,000 at $100 and attempting the swing trade of the century while keeping that last 10k link staked in my LinkPool node
If it goes down to $50 I buy back in a increase my stack a disgusting amount
If it keeps
Mooning that 10,000 link will be working for me with a fat passive income from LinkPool and a comfy 4 million to chill with
Eventually if it hits $1000 I’ll sell that last 10k link for 10,000,000 fucking dollars

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>no one talks about GALT anymore

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the only meme I didn't fall for went up like crazy

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Don’t ask me how I know, but Bitcoin is dropping to $7000 next month. Hurry Now and CASH OUT!! You have a LIMITED amount of time. YOU will be BETTER once you get LUCRATIVE. This is Massive and the results are polarizing. EXPLOSIVE ASTONISHING!


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Based on recent events i would say that the relationship between chain link and web3 is hanging by a thread.

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Don’t ask me how I know, but Bitcoin will hit $20,000 in October.


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