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>What question was he answering?

Thats the thing. He was answering a completely unrelated question and he randomly stopped, seized and said that.

CNN obviously moved on as if nothing happened and gave him more softballs.

The guy is either losing it or had MK Ultra.

I'll probably cash out 1 week before Year's end. I'm pretty sure we'll have a crash by January 1st

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Everything is pretty bloated atm desu

May be OPTI and BOTY for long term gains or wait for the next dip

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>>>23721499 (You)
>>if you're ugly, the mask will help
>Mask comes off sooner or later. Not handsome, obviously. Mostly get attention from ugly chicks with the rare pretty one here and there.

Be interesting and always aim to be the ugliest guy a hot girl will bang.

Someone has to be that guy, and if you put your mind to it it may just be you, fren.

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>sells figures as "Statues" to normies

Jesus christ, man. How desperate is GME?

Why don't they just start selling popcorn, pickles and candy like at the movie theaters?

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