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I've never had one.

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That's what happens when you let millions of rich chinese into your country. I'm so relieved we are doing exactly the same in the UK.

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enjoy getting a spank from her majesty while she confiscates your gains deano

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thank you king
only 61.89% for atm no?

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Bancor will be the standard and the moneymarket of the fourth industrial revolution. Simple as.

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There's just literally no point in being in other stocks this week, or was, I should say, until all these brokers curtailed to the hands of the merchant banks and made trading it impossible.
As much as I hate the newfags, I've just spent this week pissing about playing vidya stoned off my tits whilst just buying into every GME dip and selling it and repeating, it's ridiculous. Why piss about with UUUU or CLF and not take advantage of this colossal meme market? The ledditors are all about to piss their money up the wall anyway so I wouldn't get too stressed, they'll fuck off in a week or two

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Blessed dubs

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>inb4 that faggot shows up with his shitty pasta
>divvies r ur fren
>pm is fucking based
>bonds will outperform stocks for the next 5 to 10 years
>tqqq is for robinkiddies

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My ETFs form about 70% of stocks/shares portfolio and are a mix of global ETFs for the most part. The main overlap I have is between VOO and QQQ, with US stocks being 35% of my ETF portfolio. The rest is UK (x2, covering different indices), Europe, Japan, Pacific ex Japan and emerging markets. I wanted more control over regions that a single global ETF would provide.

As for my stocks (30%), I do feel I have too many. I've mainly focused on that for dividends so have bought small amounts in a number of companies, but am trying to exit quite a number of positions but am loathe to at a loss. I should get down to about 15 afterwards, but concentrated in fewer sectors.

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Thanks for the bump.

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