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>I said I was going to sleep because I was tired, I then stayed awake answering questions until the thread archived once I was called out for this.
>Responded to this post in a previous thread already, if I am deranged and wrong all you need to do to prove it is post a SINGLE autofilled limit order,
>you attack me personally instead of doing this.

Stop lying and playing the victim. You fucking crybaby. And now, you are continuing the Fud campain with a brand new thread that you started
You are full of shit, FUD FAGGOT Rubic Derangement Syndrome, simple as
As soon as you were asked reasonable questions about taking your limit order inquiry to the Rubic team, you called it quits.


You never once went to the Rubic subject matter experts to resolve the issue. Be it Telegram, Email, rubic.exchange live chat messenger
In the last Rubic General, you had 58/370 posts
Instead, you asked rando anons on a Mongolian basketweaving forum about it. Probably isn't the best method for resolution
When prompted why you didn't go to the Rubic team directly
Your response was >>30375823
>I've known it wasn't real since I first offered the 1 ETH yesterday.

> Everything I've posted has been to get biz to realize that fact as well.

> I haven't contacted anyone from the project, I don't like talking to people directly,

> I realize this sounds stupid but

>I don't really have a stake in this beyond getting spergy about being called a liar when I pointed out the limit order feature wasn't real.

If that isn't the most patheric convenient bullshit excuse ever. I don't know what is. Redflag warning for sure. Smells like bullshit
You communicated directly with random anons about this matter for the last few hours nonstop
Yet, has never hesitated to reach out to possible subject matter experts on Rubic to resolve the matter
Rubic Total Victory

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Stay mad faggot
Stay jelly
Rubic was on its best behavior
Than Fud Faggots like you started spamming
Than Jannies banned a perfectly good new Rubic General this morning in under an hour
We did't start this war. But we will finish it
Rubic Total Victory
Rubic is here to stay
My Rubic Stays Cubic

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Well said, if you can't see Rubic's upside potential. You might be blind. Between the progress on the Rubic roadmap, Wrapped RBC for BSC, and the listings.
Rubic Still Cubic

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Who the fuck is spamming retard? Only fud faggots are spamming
It was a new Rubic General you idiot. The goal was to have a central Rubic thread to post and discuss avoiding any possible spam
Fuck Off

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Latest Developments

>Limit orders arriving on March 5th
>Uniswap integration completed on March 1st
>Wrapped RBC created in partnership with Polygon L2, liquidity pool next
>Multiple exchange listing applications submitted, approval matter of time
>Partnership with DASH announced
>AVAX Bridge announced
>Enecuum network integration announced
>Anonymizer completion in 2nd Quarter
>UI/UX overhaul in the works
>Team expansion, new developer hired, two more on the way
>Over 6500 Hodlers


rubic.exchange / uniswap / probit / bilaxy


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Rubic Still Cubic

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Rubic is a project you should be investing in

1. Market cap: $40M, Rubic is a multi-chain one stop shop DeFi startup. Big things have small beginnings. Comparing Rubic to the already established 1inch and Uniswap from the get go is completely retarded They are an upcoming competitor that will take market share away. In addition, Rubic will offer services and provide features that both of them don’t You are just a crypto newfag, You wouldn’t get it
With just 99m circulating supply, upside potential is tremendous. Far better tokenomics

2. Usecase: You can easily get the same or in many cases better prices than 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap. When new features are added. You will be able to trade with the lowest fees around

3. Contant shilling: Jelly of all the fresh content and Rubic Meme Magic. Learned from the best, Link Marines showed us the way. In fact plenty of OG Link Marines contribute to it. Link holders are some of the biggest holders of Rubic according to wallet analysis

4. Experienced tech:Their Russian dev team is experienced. Rubic's team has been present in the crypto sphere since 2017. Their first product platform is MyWish - the leading platform for Smart contracts builders for blockchains. It has delivered several successful projects and has worked with big players such as Binance, Tron, NEO, and others. Rubic's platform was launched in September 2020.

5. Your best point overall was that the Rubic UI/UX is suboptimal and needs improvement. The team has listened to the community and acknowledged it. Vlad and the Rubic team have pledged to do a complete overhaul soon. They just hired a new developer to help with it. They also hiring two more devs as we speak.

Worst part
You are a complete liar and fud faggot
Website was down once a month ago because of DDOS attack for 2 hours. No information was compromisedThat's it, similar problems have impacted 1inch and Uniswap in their early beginnings.

Rubic Total Victory

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Rubic = $5 eoy

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Rubic Still Cubic

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My Rubic Stay Cubic

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Welcome to crypto newfags
Delays happens on all projects
Rubic is still a safe long term hold with tremendous potential

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Rubic is a project you should be investing in long term. Reasons:

1. Market cap: $39M !!! For a swap exchange that is this new and has a working product, cannot be even compared with 1inch (Just one of Rubic's stellar integrated products with $500m market cap and 8b monthly volume). With 99m circulating supply, reaching $100 is possible in a year looking at this amazing product.

2. Usecase: Who the wants to swap on Binance chain outside of Binance! I use Rubic when I can to easily get the best prices on 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap!

3. Contant shilling: Link marines helping this board with updated link memes just waiting for you poorfags to be outpriced so that they can pump on you!

4. Experienced tech: Their dev team/tech is really experienced compared with dev teams of the defi world. Check the dev teams at Sushi, Aave, 1inch, YFI, CRV, Uni, SNX. These guys dont even stand a chance.

That being said, yes the constant shilling on biz might pump the price a bit maybe but this is also a safe long term hold, because either you might get outpriced or whales might pump hard and the price would never dumpand you would be outpriced of these coins forever.

So DYOR. There is a reason for you to use Rubic when there are literally 100x shittier products on the market.

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Just hold, not hard to do

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Rubic Total Victory

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Rubic Total Victory

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Rubic Cubic

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Rubic Cubic

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First off, you are a Fud Faggot
Your old constantly spammed copypasta is garbage
It has already been debunked and the info is oudated
You might want to update it

1. Rubic at 39m is a small-to-mid cap, we are literally not even in the top 350 coins on gecko

2. anyone who wants the anonymity of a DEX, without having to go to some brown faggots without eyes to trust their funds will be safe

3. People are excited about this project, similar to LINK in 2019. You either don't understand meme value in this SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT space, or are mad that people got in at .02 and you ignored said memes

4. Probably your best point- they just hired another dev (white, male) to help with UI updates and redesigns while the rest of the team works on the Atomizer, Socials, and Community building. This is the same team as MyWish (probably already mentioned ITT), but they are 100% experienced in the DEFI space and the aggregate DEX + atomizer will send this coin soaring. It PAYS FOR FEES ON THE ONE STOP DEX - THE FUCKING AMAZON OF DECENTRALIZED CRYPTO

Worst part:Complete lie and utter fabrication- Rubic.exchange hase been down once at the end of January because of a DDOS attack. Only down for an hour or two. No information was compromised
Both 1inch and Uniswap have had the same problems in the past.
You are just too much of a retard new fag to know this

If you don't believe Rubic is COMFORTABLE long-term hold i just don't know what to tell you. dyor

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