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FIRST, you need to learn to write properly, that includes spelling and non nigger grammar...or nobody is going to hte help your brown ass.

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b-b-b-based. I'm holding as well.

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>be a retard in a previous thread
>now it's a new thread and no one knows i was retarded (except this one time because im saying it but i mean, you know, this phenomenon in general is what im talking about)

feels good bros

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yeah but 75k will be half of my six figure hell, so if the business goes under then all i have left is 75k which is nothing.
yeah but i think the idea is to make money for your life and buy more link with it, its a win win
post pics or didnt happen
>asking me to give away my ticket to a life because you were to dumb to not buy a scam.
all you have to do is buy btc eth and link and you will make it, how hard is that?
im pretty autistic anon its not worth the effort but thanks for the offer.

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What do you guys think of the DOGE/BTC chart? Looks like a good buy

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Military fag here, 88L Army. I agree with OP but idk if I want to do this for 20 years. highly encourage people coming out of high school to join though.

I'm also able to dump a $1,000 into crypto every month at age 21 and desu that's pretty fucking good for my age.

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Has anyone who is hyper-focused on their business or career cut out their lazy, distracting friends?

I am curious how much of a benefit it is. It would be very traumatic for a few of my clingy friends.

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>mood swings, hot sweats, couldn't eat a bite of food for 3 days
bruh.... that wasn't weed mate............

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Make them go to sleep. Forever.

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>no WM
>no SMG
>no ultra mega cheap F

not a bad list otherwise, meme FANG's aside (yet somehow no AMZN or NFLX)

probability is still tainted because everyone and their tritterbot knows how to at this point

at the very least you should use Weibull distributions instead of standard normal ones anyways

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Do it

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Help a nibba out

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yea, the WC3 remaster gave it away

cant wait for game industry crash 2.0 tbqh, hope you make it tho fren

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