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Pls don't remind me, anon. Took shroomies and had an interesting experience, realize that deep down, I felt like I was wasting my life.

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>/biz/ said chainlink will reach $300,000 each in 10 years
>buy 10 linkies at $2 because I'm too poor to buy more
>decide to hold long term
>start reading forecasts for the crypto
>all say the same thing...
>"...and by 2030 chainlink could finally reach $10 per link"
Why did you lie to me /biz/?? I trusted you.

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Could be worse OP
>negative $465 in the bank, nothing to pay it back
>made less than $2,000 this year from several gigs
>don't have a 401K
>made $1,875 this year so far
>debt at $3K for several things including the bank shit I have to pay back
>30 years old

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>tfw 35 yrs old
>still make $12K a year
could be worse, I guess

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>when your government is run by nationalists who care about the nation
w-why did i have to be born into neoliberal capitalist hellhole America

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fug you fren

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FUG I hate being white, I wish I was an asian guy with access to these goddesses. White guys are the true incel race. Asian men don't know how good they have it

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>listen to the music I was listening to in December 2017 and January 2018
>gave me that bullrun feeling again

Fuck bros I miss it so much, I didn't even make much but it was just the experience that was amazing.

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Wait what's wrong with kissing hookers on the mouth? A-asking for a friend.

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