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I bought 2M 1 hour ago

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you got me fag

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Can you just fucking dump it already? I want to slurp cheapies!
Normies have to learn what pain actually is. What's your target? I want to make sure after you hit your target I can buy right after you to make sure you're in profit.

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I lost everything in the last crypto crash. Everything. It’s fucking gone. Worst part is that I had 300 ETH when I started in crypto ages ago. All I had to do was hold and not touch it and I couldn’t even do that right.

My wagie job was driving me to insanity so I just quit with no fucking plan or anything. Terminated my lease and I’ve been homeless since March. I use a credit card for everything. Joining the military since it’s my last resort and only hope now.

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>Height is literally the only thing that incels get right

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>stop fucking around

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Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you, Jeff. I'm not my job. I-I lift more than you, faggot

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>it got exponentially worse when the Russians shut off the gas pipelines they are heavily dependent on.

Please stop the fake news. They are shut down every year in july for maintenance. Putler even offered to deliver through the finished nord stream 2. Every shortage is solely to blame on our subverted government.

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>Kyle's your stock hasn't even hit 50% of $1000. It makes you seethe and cry so much that BTC is worth $20,000 and your faggot stock is worth less than $120. After 18 months this is what you have to show for it. Absolutely fucking nothing baggots

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>baggie cope

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He's still a negro. No amount of money can change that. Also a glorified slave. With tons of money, fame and social status, yes but still a glorified slave

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Lol silver hasnt even reached its 1980 ath.
Imagine being a boomer holding for 40 years and youre still at a 50% loss

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Pic related. It's a picture of (You).

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See >>49976582
OP is a retard
> I'm a btc maxi
Lmao nobody believes that you dumb nigger

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> Number will go back up
> It just will, okay?!

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>I find the bulgarians are more vulgar than the jeets

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>I wanna have gay sex with a black man!

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Blacks in their natural habitat are some of the happiest humans alive. Living a simple life in the jungle in perfect equilibrium is perfect compared to the degenerate hell you call "civilization".
Everyone in civilization is depressed, suicidal, works like a slave and hates their life.
Blacks living in tribes are happy, get all fruits of their labor, have deep connections eitb their family and friends, have absolute freedom, no care for material objects.
They build their house with their own hands and completely own it.
You work like a slave yet you dont even own your house, you have 0 freedom you are beholden to whatever laws your masters command, your diet consists of chemical waste and you spend 70% of your time doing stuff for other people that toy hate doing.
30% of your toil is automstically stolen via taxes, you can never own your house, you will pay taxes or lose it.
Your primary entertainment is watching a screen which display a similarcra of life, you brag about technology even though that is becoming the main source of your misery, your world is so connected yet human connections are at atl.

The primordial "savage" is the complete master of his destiny and lives an archetypically perfect human life.

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Kek this mentality is what makes /biz/ hold a shitcoin like Shib up to millions in portfolio value and then baghold all they way back down to 1k.

All or nothing gambling

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By that reasoning is havent lost anything on those dozens of BSC rugs.

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>uses the nerd emoji to mock someone for being educated about something

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> Just bought more. Always do the opposite of what /biz/ says.

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Lmao crypto baggies on this board are literally the Wojack that is wearing the smiling mask but crying behind the mask

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