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I went to Red light district in Amsterdam a few years ago and had some fun with a probably 8.5/10 blonde from Armenia. Slim body, blonde and nice big fake tits. Incels can pay for sex anytime, but yeah, you can't make a woman be in heat for you. If you can come into terms with that is not really a bad life. Play the hand you were dealt with. Most women wet their panties for the top 15% anyways. Now imagine the top 15% of women. They're literally out of your league by light years. Also there are at least 85% of faggots out there that women woudn't be giving a second look from a strictly biological point of view
t. coping brown argie 5´5´´manlet

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Sidelined pretend smug bobos are the best lol. Makes these pumps even more enjoyable.

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I still wait until it dumps to 12k

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Seethe: The Post

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3rd worlder here
Just lost my translator job to Skynet, what can I do for $2~3 an hour online?

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Not if I get trips, faggot. I'll live as a legend

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Hey fellow GameStonk enthusiasts! Just wanted to share some thoughts on GameStop's recent move to shut down its NFT marketplace. Surprisingly, this might actually be good news for our beloved GME stock.

So, turns out GameStop is saying "adios" to NFTs. Initially, we were all like, "Wait, what?" But hey, let's look at the bright side:

Back to Basics: GameStop's bread and butter is gaming, not the wild world of NFTs. Closing down the NFT shop means they're doubling down on what they know best – consoles, games, and all things digital and physical gaming.

Avoiding the Crypto Rollercoaster: NFTs can be a wild ride, and GameStop is choosing to sit this one out. Smart move? Maybe. It keeps the focus on gaming without getting tangled up in the unpredictability of the crypto world.

Resource Smart Move: Closing shop on NFTs frees up resources. It's like they're saying, "Let's stash our cash for opportunities that really matter." Smart money is on GameStop keeping an eye out for the next big thing in gaming.

Investor Confidence Boost: Investors dig companies with a clear game plan. By ditching the NFT side hustle, GameStop is sending a signal that they're serious about their gaming roots. It's all about confidence in the stonk game.

So, what's the verdict? This unexpected move might just be the ticket to a stronger, more focused GameStop. Who knows, it could pave the way for some serious gains! What are your thoughts on this? Let's discuss!

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Had 15 in 2018, never gamble kids

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>arguing with coworker
>accidentally call him a Zoomer
>"Zoomer? I was born in the 90s, retard"
>try to ignore it and continue arguing
>boss stops me and wants me to explain why I called him a Zoomer
>try to explain I don't mean he's a literal Zoomer but "he's a Zoomer mentally"
>Zoomer: "Well you're a retard mentally"
>everyone laughs at me, even the Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
How does /biz/ handle office politics?

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>bro just don't lose your money!!!!!!

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t. someone who bought at 750 KEK.

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>please sell it

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I only noticed how fucking huge this was now.
Enjoy your gains, bros, I'm cheering for you all.

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>damn you're acting unhinged, go outside and get some fresh air my friend.

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Just leave a buy order at 33.7k. Maybe you'll catch a wick in a red candle. But if you don't at least you have lots of USDT, who cares? Get some APR on those tetherinos until BTC drops a bit (may take 2 weeks/1 month) or cash out and do a 360 from the markets, touch some grass and accept 35k was your final resting place because you tried to outsmart the markets. Good luck, anon. It's not the end of the world. I sold 5000 XRP at 0.55 trying to outsmart the market, it pumped as high as 0.73 a week ago or so, I bought back those 5000 cripplerinos at the last dip at 0.58 and yeah, I've lost some money but in the long run it will keep pumping so a couple of hundreds dollars of losses really don't matter

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I knew about btc in 2017. Got into the hype, bought the top and held the bags, which i eventually sold. Regret it! Saw the 2020 dump and bought crypto and stocks. Bought meme stocks and btc. I sold btc around 25k. From 5k to 25k. Got shit scare of holding bags that i didn't get in back. I made some gains but still am where i was in 2017. Nothing change, no gf, no friends, living with parents.

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I want the entire crypto to fail just so I can watch linkies fail.

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Day trading is horrible my friend. You'll risk those 10k buying some shit and maybe you'll win 100 or 200 dollars scalping if things go ultra well, but if they don't you'll baghold and any little dump means you're going 1000k or 2000k down. It's too high risk, low reward in this bear market. Things don't pump more than 5% , provided you buy the absolute bottom and sell the absolute top, which wil not happen. Swingies get the rope, my friend. All you need is one bad trade and you're done.

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I know it was retarded, but you don't make retarded money in 6 months on things that aren't retarded, you know?

yeah I pretty much bitch about it every chance I get. I am genuinely not sure how to stop seething about it

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>unhinged insane tranny faggot lmao

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