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ceasefire will be signed next week
guess wich day I'm thinking
tip: Daniel 9:27

>inb4 shemitah is 9/26
shadow creatures days start at night
ps keep it a low profile they are watching u

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Uhh, slurpbros?? We weren't cocky enough?

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someone tells them to buy bitcoin and use it as the new world currency
wouldnt be funny if israel joined brics all the sudden? haha imagine the greatest ally betraying for profits now that usa is out of blood haha crazy idea right? XD

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I hate the antichrist

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I had heard that Jim was struck by lightning on the cross, but is it really true? And isn't the fact that he's caught pneumonia and hypothermia more because he's been outside almost naked for hours? Rather than divine intervention, to simulate the passion of Christ? I mean it all smells like promotional propaganda, to be honnest. The film is good anyway, even if I preferred Apocalypto.

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