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what financial insight can we derive from this?
no meme reply please. the emergence of similar images is a signal into the global consciousness
there must be insights we can draw from this

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200K in Link right now should be worth $3,000,000 or more in 2025.
200K in AGIX right now should be worth $12,000,000 or more in 2025.

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Based sun enjoyer.

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redpill me on kek the god of chaos magick

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It's honestly really impressive to see how your community rallied and brought this shitcoin back to life somehow. That article was a thrilling read. Had to go buy a stack and I'm eagerly awaiting the future.

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If I had to choose between citizenship or retaining my crypto, I would retain my crypto every time. The government openly only exists to keep us enslaved at this point.

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>3% of crypto's total marketcap
if tether dies a fiery death, there won't be much of a crash.

Who even uses tether besides degenerate swing traders?

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hello sirs, this is Kumar letting you know your dell service warranty on your latitude 1488 has expired.

I am so pleased to inform you that you may now renew this warranty with IOTA. Thank you sir.

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>50k rejected again
Holy fuck, it really is over isn’t it?

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Its all coming together BNB brothers

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