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More clues from the past.

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That would be when Judy Shelton is sworn in and backs the US dollar with 20:1 gold on XRPL blockchain in the new quantum financial system.

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how does it suck to be forced to hold free things for the duration of maturation? Me not understandee.
Where are you getting the idea that this is confusing? I don't understand this either. Maybe I just don't like the way it looks and it's vibe? Let's talk about that instead. Okay? Do you want to talk about it's vibe? Maybe I don't like ugly foxes and JP Morgan socks? Is that okay with you or not? I get what it does and I'm glad that there are alternatives. I just don't like it and again: I don't like using it to delegate FLR or SGB so I'm not because F!P UNO is getting the big thumbs up from everybody but U.

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Why don't you mosey on back over to Reddit with all of your other Little Buckaroos?

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$37,500 number is being thrown around for the price of gold after the reset. You gotta remember its not gonna be a 1:1 ratio.

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anyone have the rest of these? there was one with the bg123 ship and another in the bg castle

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i always thought these were interesting. whoever made them clearly knows a lot about the XRPL and lore- they reference Britto's early career as a game dev.
one theory i had was that maybe they're made by people from xrpchat.com, part of the crowd of early XRP adopters with tech backgrounds who went to meetups and whatnot.

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