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Just boughted some more, frens

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So, the other day I was browsing /fit/ as usual and I saw this thread where a dude explained how he got back to /biz/ and made lots of money trading cryptos in the span of a few months
Man was mad lucky, but now I really wanna learn more about this whole crypto trading thing
I'm just a wagie right now and I'm not looking to become a millionaire or anything I'm just really curious
>how to invest? I've installed Coinbase on my phone is that it?
>how to choose a coin?
>how long to invest for?
>good guides/ressources to learn?
>can I have fun and learn about crypto trading with a minimum amount money I'm not afraid to loose?
>it's basically gambling right? I think it would be super fun to play around with cheap coins and sell/buy just for the sake of it until I understand enough to invest the big bucks
Also I don't know shit about trading I'm in law school

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How do I keep my autismbux and trade crypto at the same time?

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