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He's technically not wrong, it's just irrelevant because the true pajeet scams are all sectioned off in weird swapping corners of the market that the vast majority of retail buyers will never even be able to find, let alone lose money on.

It's like saying we need to do something about the dangers of rock climbing. 99% of people will get scared and climb back down before they're even more than 10 feet up, so who gives a shit?

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Are people really...?

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>selling GRT now after a week of consolidation

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I can't tell if you're an angry jewish trust fund baby or schizo. Either way you are speaking literal nonsense. Carry on I guess.

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so, no actual response? Just ignore the fact of what they are doing? Ignore what happens historically when a company preforms buybacks? Gonna just ignore what the implication of a buyback means?

ok buddy keep those blinders on, I don't care about your finances.

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>no XRP

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this is the worst take I’ve ever seen on /biz/. screencrap’d

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the "you had 'x' years" is the equivalent of a nigger saying "muh dik" in response to things that he doesn't understand or confuses him.

Have you ever though that the fees being too high and transaction speeds too low might actually be a valid criticism? You do realize the first mover advantage gets squandered a lot? Remember blackberry? Myspace? yahoo? askjeeves?

The writing is on the wall; ethereum is a failed network and will be replaced by the first thing that allows everyone to port their erc20's to a new platform. Flare offers that, with faster speeds, cheaper transactions times, and smart contracts in any language.

seriously, what is your perspective on this?

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>he thinks wrapped tokens are a viable long term solution

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Based on everything you said, you seem very low IQ and I have no idea how you got here.

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>spy puts

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