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technical analysis
aka drawing meme lines on charts

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Exactly what you'd say if you were covering up the plan.

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mythafuckus really dont appreciate how unique an asset LINK actually is.

Imagine being able to buy shares in the internet at it's inception. Because as THE standard protocol, and because Sergey decided to use an ERC token as staking collateral (instead of USD) LINK is poised to appreciate as a percentile of a massive chunk of global GDP.
>its true
>all of it

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So no double tops/bottoms for orders to accumulate above/below until enough of us lucky fucks are shook for these precious linkies poised to appreciate as a percentile of planetary GDP? Thanks for the heads up, Amsterdamnon

Anyway, can you manually call each swing in any time frame to the goddamn pip? Because i can. And i barely graduated high school.
>Fuck indicators
>fuck algos
>fuck quants
ALL price is distributed based on [redacted]'s relationship to [redacted] and all ya need is to know is how to build and anchor the proper extension tool.
>and NO, it muh Fibonacci

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may all that is good and decent emanate and abound OP's sphere of influences.

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man i wish..... someday
just started last month with a measly 0.007 BTC hope i don't rope if things go sideways before i get the chance to buy a ncie one lol

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donate large sums to charities
at least for me it gives me peace of mind
but maybe for you it's something different, maybe a nice car, only you know

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be a nice pajeet and help a nigga out!

------use code: EastCrips

East Coast unite! lets get this applePi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, lelouch....if ya ask me....BTC looks due for a deeper retracement from the April/May rally (and now double top) to 9K.

Furthermore, BTC has yet to regain its 2017ATH. So, any push to 20K absent a full retracement before-hand, would require major economic geopolitical circumstances to play out. And perhaps China tarrifs will provide such circumstance. Perhaps LINK facilitating legacy business's proprietary blockchains could also be a factor driving interest into crypto.

But im not convinced yet.

Meanwhile, LINK has not only made equal ATHs, it fully retraced from the April/May rally to equal ATH's and has now penetrated those highs to make a new ATH on news of its integration capability into major legacy industry.

I see LINK decoupling from the rest of the crypto market/BTC.

Convince me otherwise, anon.

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I get this same feel when reconciling how life is a quantum feedback-loop between gravity and consciousness.

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Even whales are at the mercy of the ocean.

Bottom line, the Market Maker/“The Ocean” facilitates the market and does so with immense amounce of liquidity to move. Thus the Market Maker(s) iz gunna move that liquidity in as effecient and profitable a manner as fucking possible with as little slippage (losing trades to 10% of successful traders) as possible. This is commonly referred to as Institutional Order Flow and it’s what dictates the ratios by which price is distributed into and out of consolidation; Every swing high and swing low in every timeframe is price in and even price discovery is “priced in”. Which means there are methods for identifying new ATHs and ATLs outside of an existent rang.

Anyway, when ya look at a chart what you’re basically seeing is a graph illustration of a ledger perpetually balancing itself to points of equilibrium on multiple cycles/timeframes. Which means the “market” is fractal and there are a gorrillion ways to TA and by virtue a gorrilion more ways to trade a market to a profit...or loss.

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wuts good, Wagunon.

Well, as of this morning I noticed inverse price action between LINK and ETH while BTC remained sideways. Reminds me of similar types of price action between GBP, EUR and USD in forex majors. But that’s just illustrative of the notion of decoupling, in this case, LINK rising, ETH dropping (selling into LINK?) and BTC sideways.

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ITT: We discuss possible masse exit scenarios from BTC in the [un]likely event it is abandoned for fiat and/or a different protocol.

>What price point must BTC descend to in order for “shitcoins” to rise in proportion to drops in bitcoin?

>What will be the average normie’s preferred escape route? Will frantic hodlers USD up, tether up, ETH up, XRP up, LINK up, etc?

Which coins or tokens could possibly survive a BTC crash if the “unthinkable” occurs and people wake up one day to find that bitcoin has gone the way of dinosaurs like the Model T, the rotary phone, the MySpace or the Netscape?

Or will crypto altogether end up in the trashbin of history’s tulip crazes?

What say you figgetz?
>inb4 “hurr durr OP is a ____”

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You do realize what happens once all the Goldman Sachs of the world are stuck holding the lion’s share of BTC, right?
>Satoshi Wallet dumps

Bitcoin was ultimately intended to be the greatest bait and switch of all time and it’s is about to fulfill that purpose.

PoW mining is shall be kill.

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It’s def gonna run the stops below those previous equal monthly lows, bounce and then reach for $2450 before it reverses again.

We’ll see if it ranges between 2400 and 1200 as the final level of consolidation before next bull power walk to the moon.

Cap this, kiddos.

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It looks cute, but it could do better.

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