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>You're overcomplicating
figures are more helpful

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>our brains mathematically construct "hard" reality by relying on input from a frequency domain
you know that Euler's formula maps electromagnetic circuits from the time domain to the frequency domain and greatly simplifies the mathematics in the equations
all electrical circuit analysis becomes much easier using this mapping
it's why Euler's helix is applicable for light

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This is quite depressing. This thread shows nulinkers lack of understanding of chainlink. Putting CME data on Google cloud hasnothing to do with dlt tech. Link connects outside data to blockchain, thishas nothing to do with it.

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>Could you provide the book referencing this picture
it's euler's helix
check out this video:
any undergrad math textbook on complex numbers and geometry would suffice

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matter and motion are not abstractions even though our description of it comes down to notation and nomenclature the thing it's describing transcends simply a "story" given how the other anon described it:
>Physical reality is a story we made up

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kaleidoscope cascade in 4 dimensions:

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>doesn't this look a lot like euler's helix?

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>yellow is magnetic field
>blue is electric field
>green unit circle is time
>space/time flowers as a geometry in this 3-6-9 ratio sequence
>it's the key Nikola was talking about
>see for yourself
Euler was a genius ahead of his time
who knew (((imaginary))) numbers were the key
absolutely beautiful
what a genius, I'm very fortunate to have my education and the internet at my fingertips that I can easily access and dig up this (((esoteric))) info (aka math)

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>When i say I am being objective, I mean I am using NUMBERS as the bases to my arguments.
let's take a closer look at that
so you think numbers are the metric through which you can obtain a vantage view of OBJECTIVE reality?
and you think that you are an arbiter of the dynamics of numbers?
how much have you studied on the topic?
I can guarantee it hasn't been as much as me, and I wouldn't consider myself as having any sort of vantage view of OBJECTIVE reality

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