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He’s a reverse shabos goy

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Im serious, /biz/ i never come here often but since today im in a good mood im going to tell you some coins that you can buy and hold and make some good profits
keep in mind they are not coins to hold for too long, but rather coins that can be hold for a week or two before they moon

I advice you to buy some XLM, that shit is underrated seriously, buy some of it before r*ddit niggers start talking about le epic XLM coin, buy some MANA, its not a coin with a bright future but for now, for this bullrun you can expect some decent profits, buy it when red, hold until it goes green, also buy some Ocean, not now tho since its mooning, buy during the next dump, thats all faggots

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>bitcoin was just a fake project by darpa
>Darpa rolls out their real FEDcoin and all crypto goes to zero
>Stonk market ownership goes over to kamala and all non institutes get kicked out
>Pm becomes worthless hyperinflation is avoided
>All real estate is confiscated by state via property taxes you cant afford because everyone has same amount FEDcoin

When will you learn? Pod and bugs soon.

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>just three consecutive 10x away from being a seven figure nigger

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That's not smth new or unique btw

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>How bad

It won't. Nothing will crash you are forever doomed the dollar will never die the fed will never stop. Here's the qrd.

>The forced vax starts and each month they get less and less friendly until you get pulled out by natty guard 10 iqs to take your vax if europe it will be some mehmet un task force.
>Fedcoin is shilled on media, at this point bitcoin and the shartcoins hit all time lows and shitcoins become niche nerdshit
>Gold and silver get a nice spike and schiff talks shit but ultimately the shits useless since FEDcoin...
>Fedcoin is limited wallet that's auto refilled and set to ubi amount every month so you better consoom

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Did you take some XLM ? its going to the moon, you do have XLM Right anon ?

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Im new, came on this board yesterday, usually just spending my time before on /fit/ /pol/ and /his/, what are you gonna do now ?

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>just three 10x away from being a millionaire

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Biz hates him because he represents the statistical mean financial expertise of the average poster here. We have people here that ape into shitcoins cause they see enough pepe edit/anime tits spam and then start pink wojak spam cause they get rugpulled. On the other hand we have some serious high iq posters if you lurk the treasury policy/inflation/pmg threads for certain posters that likely don't make flex posts over how they're balling. Biz's hatred of Dave is just their ego getting to them thinking theyre better then Dave when in reality they're most likely at dave's level of investing insights.

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been fapping like a degenerate to keep the stress at bay, like 4-5 times a day

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it's so easy

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Let's all take a moment to collectively laugh at losers in /pmg/. Who wants to make the smug /smg/ collage to send them?

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Hopefully, I'm in aqb and I have already been in red for awhile now. Any cheapies is just whales coming in for investment money so we get moar tanks and moar fish. Unlike pltr idiots we got a solid rebound game by eoy. Hopefully anti gmo tards get covid and fuck off.

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I don't have a dad.

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Based. Welcome to the big fish club. See you next year player when we get empire size sales.

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>tfw just using doge as a pump n dump now

Let's see that next dump so I get more doge

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The amount of fucking bluepilled normie plebitors who are afraid to go bald. I shaved all my hair off. I'm 22, and i have not suffered from hair loss, nor does nobody in my family. My dad is 68 and he has a full head of hair. You fucking faggots are the literal definition of beta males. Go back to r/wsb and kill yourself.

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Hey, Anons
We usually talk here about stocks, precious metals and crypto, so to speak, about finances.
But what about the business part of /biz/? Maybe there are some irl intrepreneurs here? Craftsmen, resellers, IT intrepreneurs are all welcome in this thread!
Share with us, what do you do? Are you successful in what you do? Maybe you dream about starting your business?

Share your stories and opinions, anons

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I bought at 6 cents.

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Got in at 0,5

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>Aped in
>Closed binance
>Close /biz/
>Just gonna check once a day how the GRT is doing
I will see you in a year to post green wojaks

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