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>be me
>economics class
>teacher assigns us year-long project
>fantasy stock of sorts
we have 10k starting cash, and have to predict what stocks go up. going off of real world price.
>teacher says we should invest all money, and diversify
>remember pic related
>think about how they're about to get bogged
>buy the dip, expecting igor's chin up my ass
>they let me in
>i didn't invest even a quarter of what i could
>i didn't diversify
>i bought goldman sachs right before the rate hike
>there was a leaderboard and i was at the top of it for about a week before teacher made another account and gave it extra money because i made 200 off of a 2500 investment over 2 weeks by doing everything he told us not to
>everyone else is following instructions and getting bogged
>also mfw

if only i wasn't broke, i might put some money in actual stocks

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needs more cheek

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He bought?

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she looks somehow familiar

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Now THIS is autism posting!!

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This thread has become infested with pussies

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Close ze shorts. Our job here is done.

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>implying any market movement right now is organic


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