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Nothing I love food too. In my opinion /ck/ is the board with the most normies and redditors. It actually helps train your brain to spot newfags.

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Fair point

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Guys what do you think I should get for lunch? I've narrowed it down to taco bell or jimmy johns. I can't decide between the two so I figured I'd let some strangers with autism decide for me.

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What do you anons drink and snack on while trading?

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bretty good

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alright let me paint a broader picture
>he has 40k in the bank
>he gets $1400 a month pension
>in a few months time he get's another 30k or so from some property he sold

So in about 6 months time he will have 60k or so in the bank with an income of $1400 a month. There's no reason he shouldn't be able to buy a cheap house. there are plenty in our area that sell in the 70k-90k range.

I already told him I would buy him his appliances and furniture, but he won't listen. he's a fucking retard that would rather squander $1500 a month on rent when he has the opportunity to actually own a house or condo

he's going to go broke in the next 2-3 years, 4 if he's lucky, and I don't want to pick up the pieces. he's terrible with money anon

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so it was even easier to buy a house? niiice

boomers had it all. I wish I was 18 years old between 1960-1975

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No retard, you stay in one of the rooms for free and manage the place.
All right then, have fun with your maxi pads and catfights.

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Holy shit, I never thought of that.

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You girls need to stop getting your panties twisted over a $300 change. It's not that much on a $12k BTC anymore...

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is anyone else here fat because of drugs?

I only like weed benzos alcohol and kratom and shit like that. GUESS WHAT?! makes you even more fucking fat. every single one gives you fucking munchies like crazy.

I try uppers but they feel kinda shitty and make me sad but im getting used to them. holy fuck. as soon as I become a daily stoner without a job I gained 100 pounds and now I have such fucked up eating habits from it I cant shake them and im used to stuffing my face with 3000 calories before bed and now I cant go to sleep on an empty stomach and I constantly fucking hungry and half dead without tons of salt and pizza and shit

and i would fucking drink like 20 drinks a night so 2000+ calories a night and mix it with orange juice and soda, then after that i would eat like fucking 1200-1800 calories in pizza. then i got addicted to kratom and its not that bad but it makes me hungry as FUCK. sometimes it makes me so god damn hungry and i get pissed off and i feel tired and dead and pissed off and screaming and shit non stop and i have to eat to stop feeling like shit and it feels like im a starving african crawling around the floor begging for food

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how do I start doing business? its all I can think about. I constantly Jewishly obsess over shit all day long like buying shit in bulk and combining two things together to make one thing and selling that thing for more than it cost to make

all I can do is think about doing jewish business stuff but have no idea how to start. I even play a ton of tycoon games but all of those are just CLICK PLAY MAKE MONEY

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Mmm looks like you’re all of potstickers, do you have anymore? I’m still hungry...

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I like a little ETH dessert with my BTC main course.

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>the great crypto bullrun of 2017 was two years ago

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I came to crypto for gains, but only thing I gained was body fat

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>mfw I get 1 hot n ready pizza with 5 cups of buffalo ranch and buttery garlic sauce

The sauce almost cost more than the pizza itself

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Ah, here comes the rebound. We're safe, everyone.

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>get potstickers appetizer
>menu doesn’t say how many
>5 are on the plate
>party of 4
>eat my second before others eat their first

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>tfw you unironically treat yourself on Friday

So far I’ve eaten a breakfast sandwich with a hash brown and a bagel with cream cheese. Going to eat a burrito for lunch.

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i bought 0.0799691 BTC about an hour ago

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