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I'd rather stay poor than read all that shit

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>these are the dumbfucks that will become bagholders once alts finish pumping
I don't feel bad at all anymore

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Ask if they have a warrant and blast "I shot the sheriff" on your stereo.

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These fucking Pajeets hired from fiverr lmao

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>Bro, get a real job like me a musician or stare at excel sheets 60 hours a week bro
fucking faggot subhuman scum

Combined IQ: 34
Combined Penis length: 2.7in
Combined friends: 0
Combined parents that love them: 0
Subhuman?: Yes

Obviously your brain is too big for your skull and know all about what professional photography through years of experience. You don't understand the actual importance of lighting or photography for that matter, period. Stop acting like you do.
Check out what the Dunning-Kruger effect is, that's what you suffer from.

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how u finna maek us niggas les envolvd when we inventd cryptoz wen u white homos was still in caves n shit

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Nononono fuck that bro!

I imagine it to be several trillions of dollars!

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