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Is asteroid mining feasible, anons?
I know it's unlikely to happen within the next 30 years, but I began buying silver even though the possibility of hyperinflation 7 years ago was "unlikely."

What the fuck do you do?
If the globohomo can BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR more silver into existence just like they do with fiat, what's left?

I guess learning how to make fucking quality wooden bowls, and selling those?
Return to pure barter / skill economy?

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>lost all my money leverage trading
>have to start from scratch again
kill me

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I knew I should have closed my short while I was still in the green.

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>nobody can refute that this entire situation has been a psyop to drain retail for liquidity and it's literally working

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If nothing happens by January 1st then I literally have to start selling in order to keep up with my increased mortgage payments.

I bought over two years ago at around 20 pre-split and /biz/ and reddit told me that if I just held a bit longer that I’d be rewarded with gains beyond my wildest dreams. Well it’s been two goddamn years now of Cohen’s twitter shit posts and GME crabbing. The vote count didn’t do shit, the dividend didn’t do shit, the NFT marketplace didn’t do sht. You need to do something Cohen.

I want my fucking money you weird-thumb wide-mouth gay-voice faggot, do something.

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I pay $2800 rent for a 1900 square foot flat so my family can live there. I only make $4200 after taxes per month

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>have to come in an hour early for training on stupid shit
>Asian Down syndrome looking other new hire with a club foot comes in half an hour late
>still can’t log into system after 2 days
>have to all share one screen taking turns
>person on the group call guiding us through forgot that she was in a different time zone, did the wrong ones so we had to do it again because the posting times were different
>can’t actually complete the process on that computer because there is no printer installed on it
>have to do everything AGAIN on a different computer so we can print
>go to lunch
>come back, Asian mongoloid WAY behind on hers
>trainer can’t believe how little she has done he puts me back on the computer to finish up and sets her up putting the printed forms into envelopes
>envelopes have arbitrary sorting rules
>Chink has no idea what’s going on
>I barely have any idea what’s going on
>trainer basically runs out the door to catch his flight
>my manager isn’t trained on anything, now have a couple hours worth backed up because more come in every hour
>buried in paper at my desk
>Asian girl says she’s gonna go, and asks if I think I can finish up by myself
>tell her I hit my 8 hours in 30 minutes and I’m leaving
>awkward pause, she leaves anyway
>I clock out and go home shortly after, leaving a giant pile of paperwork that needs to be mailed out today there and nobody has any clue what to do with it

Fuck that bullshit. My job offer said 40 hours a week no weekends. I’ve never worked somewhere with such horrible management. Not my problem

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yea, my gf wants to make hers shorter and it's already pretty short. she isn't that hot to begin with desu

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Should I really try to get another gril or will I just get burned again? I don't know if it will ever be the same bros

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>400k net worth
>200k net worh

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>dating a hot girl from Bumble
>she wants me to pay her rent before we have sex

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>be me
>"alarm rings in 1h and 45minutes"
>can't fall asleep
>decide to have a quick fap
>alarm rings

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>crypto dumps
>get angry
>beat wife again
It's so tiresome

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btc is going to 18k any second now...

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>doomscroll and doomrefresh social media for 2 hours straight
>take a break to do 5 minutes of work

I miss being yelled at by my old boss in person

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Spent 2 days on dating apps, paid for premium on all of them, paid for boosts, and still not a single like from a chick above a 3/10. It’s over

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>direct deposit: $1050.45 twice a month
>rent: $1100

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Why the fuck is it pumping? This is absolute nonsense. Fucking irrational clown market shit right here.

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>direct deposit: $1286 biweekly

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I just paid $270 for two weeks of groceries

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We can't even get a good dump. Every 100 bucks is some magic support level for literally no reason whatsoever. Clown market.

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>RLC is starting to moon again Bob suck my tranny penis!
>Yes honey.

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Et tu, Benchode ?

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