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fuck off for a few more weeks...

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is this what the 2018 chainlink bear market felt like

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Goddammit. I caved in to dad's advices to sell 75% after doing more than 10x from $350 to $4k, Now FOMOing back to half the amount. This shit's stressful.

inb4, yeah I'm a 22yo living with parents and we're pretty close in everything. Should I really not discuss anything crypto related with them?

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I fell for so many ETH killers.. mostly because I want ethereum to fail. never trade on emotion

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>it's impossible to have what i have

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Will TSLA ever recover

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I bought AMD and TESLA a week ago thinking the dip is over

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I hold the BARFbag

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>darling, it's time for your daily -10%! edition
okay honey

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does anyone else here wanna do stocks but literally cant find anything good? i didnt know about stocks before and feel like i missed everything

>started using square in 2017
>saw it taking over paypal but didnt know anything about stocks at the time
>saw everyone wearing stupid looking yeezys everywhere in 2016
>adidas stocks went crazy
>saw my entire college and everyone in the world using the stock and stocks went crazy
>saw everyone using iphones starting in 2012
>didnt know about tesla stock and shit until it was at 300 dollars

fuck i wish i knew about this shit sooner so i could have just thrown money in it over the years and forgot about it.

is it too late now? everything is like a straight line in the air and it seems like the worst time ever to start. it seems like 2016-2017 was the golden era i could have just bought anything that was popular and gone up 500+%

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i had a feeling to get out of the market after the gme fiasco and i ran off with profits at 330 dollars.

i fomod back in. was making a lot of money. BOOM. fucking black swan crash and ruined it all. learn to take breaks. just take your cash out when its really stressful and just put it in something safe or just do nothing for a few days or weeks its impossible to generate money every day

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>1M USD net worth

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why is GUSH dumping so hard now? Is it because I bought is that it?

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>time to buy another dip honey!
yes dear

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I'm ready

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how the fuck do I withdraw money from binance

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the second i sell everything it will moon. what do i do

i could literally prevent a worldwide recession by selling but i want everyone else to suffer with me. do i just keep losing?

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Holy fuck its real...

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>applying for jobs on indeed in the US
>asks if i speak somali
>check no
>never hear back from them

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>only up 50k since last month
the crypto grind is real

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can anyone not forgive their parents for being poor? i cant fucking do it i have to get the fuck away from them and cut them off until further notice and then if i ever make it i dont even know if ill help them they ruined my life

my parents fucking ruined everything. as if being poor wasnt fucking enough they have to live in some frozen fucking shit hole where its fucking prison 8 months out of the year where you cant open a window or go outside or see the sun. and they had to move to a rural fucking mountain where its 7 hours away from anything good and all i see is redneck neighbors with horses and broken down trucks

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where the fuck do i even go if stocks are crashing to shit and bitcoin keeps crashing?

i have my crypto all in usdt and usdc just staking it in different wallets but how long until fucking jewnited states bans that too? i just need a little bit more im close to the passive income i want

im almost thinking about shorting everything

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