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Rubic has been getting fucking slammed in the biggest WWE smackdown /biz/ has seen since GME and it still hasn't lost more than 0.5% of all their holders. Call me insane, but I'm starting to think these guys are going to make a comeback out of pure spite.

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The Hedgie cope levels are through the fucking roof.
Wasting MORE money trying to stop this than what they woulda lost just taking the L earlier. I can't wait to see just how fucking crazy this gets, just how far we are going to push this before the entire thing explodes into a bonfire.

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Nigga i said this is a wild gamble and i'm in it to win or lose and get high off the despair, i've said this more than 100 times, go ahead, check all the threads. I'm waiting.
You just can't stand someone being unshaken in the face of a storm.
Until you live through a round of russian roulette in taiwan, you've not really lived, Wojack-kun.

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Its hell or high water now

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People are saying this is going up to $100 EOY, but if you want a totally reasonable limit I'd say it can reach $5 or so by EOY. It's a good project with a solid team behind it, so if you're looking for a solid long term hold with a nice profit then I'd buy some. Also don't listen to the LUA shitposter, he's basically just a bot that sits in RBC threads and pretends that LUA isn't a scam that was pump and dumped within the first week of it's release.

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>he has to sit with niggers and virtue signal openly in an attempt to draw any sort of sympathy whatsoever
>it's not telling that the obviously mentally deficient are the only ones remaining with them.

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Prolly factors in all shares held, despite "top 10".
because even 131.46 is refuckingdiculous, no?

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>people on reddit saying they dictate what price the shares go for
Peak kek

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Oh look, it's the guy that thinks a dozen 140iq billionaire hedgefunds got in on this the same exact day a restriction was announced for no reason whatsoever. We'll see who's the last one laughing when this is all over. Hint- it'll be neither of us because we aren't dumb reddit cultists that glorify holding the bags.
It won't go that high because these reddit cultists have proven to be mentally insane on every single account. They don't try selling highs and buying lows, they don't gather info, they don't read up on what any of this shit means. They just post emojis and chant the same two lines while threatening anyone that tries saying otherwise. I guess it could get that high, but that'd require these redditors to know how to ride the wave and time their buys and their sells and not just autistically hold until the bitter end.
Fuck no, I have work to go to. My managers just said they'd all recommend me for a butcher's apprentice position that just opened up and I need to get my work login info to apply. Playing stocks is all fine and good, but having a trade under my belt as a plan B is always nice.
Check again. It says they added another 16,000 onto it. Their total position is over 28,000.

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I only have $6,000 to my name. I'm dumping $4,200 into it. I would dump more, but I can't do any more transactions until tomorrow and by then it'll be so high I'd be better off just dumping into AMC.

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When does this launch? When can we expect the price to pump?

I'm considering buying a huge stack

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>$1 - $5 after Goguen in March
>Huge cash out crash to 1.5
>climb it back up through the months
>$10 EOY

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Okay, now this has my interest- I'll now invest accordingly.

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I expect a solid dip sometime in January. The global economy will take a tad longer before crumbling and sending BTC through the roof.

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Says increasingly nervous fudder for 7th time

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Completely artificial movement from gold today. Nothing to see here.

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Yep. Perhaps I find myself becoming less lolbert or I'm just bitter because I have so much debt myself but college is so shit. Our schools are worse than Europe, yet we pay more, and meanwhile companies cry they can't find any labor so they get an H1B or offshore to pay Pajeet pennies to do work that the industry forces Americans to have degrees for yet let's pajeet do it without any training. But then all the boomers are gonna die and there won't be any engineers because they wanted to pay pajeet.

I really don't know how anybody can say "this is fine" when we are already so close to a bubble pop. Yet we still encourage the populace from birth to go to school and get a good degree. Companies can continue to tighten the vice grip because we need the cash and if we don't play ball then they pay pajeet who requires no health benefits or otherwise. God help you if you get a retarded liberal arts degree.

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People do this though. The trick is you need to wait long enough to go back to casinos and also need to know when to take profits. Really, the east part is the counting cards if you're willing to go through learning it. The hard part is the patience and learning how to not draw attention to yourself.

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I have been flopping between lolbert and not. It is a good thing for a country to invest in its citizens, particularly the brightest. However, in its current state, college is not equipped to be funded by the state. So much money goes to SPORTS, BOARD MEMBERS, AND MADE UP PROGRAMS. Really it's somewhat appalling that so many institutions receive public funding yet college is run like a high school vs job training.

The other side of the coin is how much of our money goes to the military, Israel, and dredged of society. Nobody should have to go into debt for medical reasons or education if we are just sending that money to fucking Jews. Maybe I should just take the NatSoc pill already

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Advertisers and sponsors more than likely. Always enjoy his vids though.

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I feel Jewish data gathering in this thread

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>I I I
>me me me

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