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Astral Chain

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LINK cult high priest thread

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>but it worked out so i guess thats good
Of course it worked out
We’re talking about chainlink, not the shitcoins that are normally peddled to unsuspecting rubes.

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very nice

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Quant investors yw

> Lloyds Bank confirmed client
> Working with Mastercard on blockchain service
> Multiple Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies partnerships/clients under NDA
> Partnered with Chinese Government Ministry of Commerce
> Partnered with Indian Government of Andra Pradesh
> Partnered with Armenian Government Ministry of Technology
> Partnered with University College London
> Partnered with Germany Hamburg University
> Partnered with Cognizant & DXC
> Partnered with Accord Project
> Partnered with AI Nexus
> Integrating Overledger with Zapier
> Held talks with USA Dept of Homeland Security
> Held talks with Samsung
> Held talks with FTSE 100 company who wanted to acquire Quant Network
> Held talks with 2nd largest Venture Capitalist firm
> Held talks with UK tax office HMRC
> Announcement with large US bank coming soon
> Huobi/Bitfinex coming soon
> Building Enterprise Blockchain solution to compete with Hyperledger
> Building anupstream Power Exchange. Allowing for P2P Power networks (like Powerledger) to cross-exchange with other P2P Power networks.
> Possibly building Decentralised Exchange (DEX) or Digital Bank
> SDK already released which connects Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Hyperledger, IOTA and JP Morgan’s Quorum blockchains. Stellar and Corda on the todo list. Possibly Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin next.
>CEO worked in Downing St, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice. Holds role at US Federal Reserve
> CEO founder of TC ISO 307 (46 countries and organisations are working on developing global Blockchain ISO Standard)
> Cofounder is blockchain advisor to European Union and United Nations

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He, (((detectiveanon))), is so demoralized that when you present the truth to him he shrieks in terror and flees and gnashes his teeth.
It would be comical if it wasn’t so depraved.

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>No one* here to coddle your soft mind.

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>I'm still looking for the exit..

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And don’t get me started on the McGriddle.

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Funny I had a smoke with deadmau5 back when he first started in the clubs of Toronto. Was a good time

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You start by taking the 42 pill

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>20k stack
Yeah okay bud, go larp somewhere else

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hmm... I wonder what the price will be before staking, TEE, Mixicles, TS, ect.. if anyone has been paying attention in oct/nov massive breadcrumbs were confirmed.. what are they going to do now.. crash bitcoin to get more link again? no one is selling except binance bots and some asian guys twitter.. where we go next is to heights unseen. I hope you have been worshipping the cube and positive thinking, $1000 sooner than you know. But before you can accept you need to let go of all that's holding you back in your spirit. if enough people ascend we can consciously evolve as a society, and perhaps not be a slave to the 4th industrial revolution

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>I'm done for now.
Woah, I got goose bumps all over my body by the epicness of your epic message. This guy is a fucking badass. Everyone, it's over. Chainlink is done for.

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sorry no, all I have is different versions

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do it, our power is growing

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1k eoy checkem

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