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If I'd gone all in on DGTW, at least I wouldn't be alive to suffer this pain.

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>Japanese stocks have managed to breach another psychological barrier -- the 1,800 mark on the broader Topix index, a level known by some investors as "the iron coffin lid." Investors have come close to pushing the lid open during periodic rallies over the years, but it never lifted until this month.

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I just realized no matter how much money I have I still won't be able to hug my Isekai anime waifu

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>no more futures

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I just realized no matter how much money I have I still won't be able to hug my Isekai anime waifu

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Same and based. This won’t happen though as good things aren’t allowed to happen.

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why isn't it stop dumping ?

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>started browsing /biz/
>Turned 11K into 44K in under 3 weeks after only getting 14% from stocks
Best board by far. Gonna be 6 figures very shortly. Easy millionaire EOY. Basic research is how you win.

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Anyone ever feel that the simulation has run out of code?
>Sophie from the call centre is a team lead, messy bun hair
>Dan with the orange face and skinny jeans, tattooed arms, manager, drives an Audi on credit
>they eat exclusively Jamie Oliver -5 minute meals
>they watch The Chase

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>go to bed with rubic nearing ATH
>dumped by morning
>massive red candle
Bugmen will rope when this moons

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>53K RBC
Where am I EOY, ladderinos?

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That can’t happen because then I’ll be a millionaire.

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When is it going to go parabolic, lads? I...I.. can’t take it anymore...

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I want to believe but this I straight up delusional.
>I would have over 100M USD

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pls anon dont crush my hopes

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>1 yo
>on $3.3bn net worth

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I drink 4 bourbon and diet cokes every night of the week. Usually Old Granddad 114 or Wild Turkey 101. Probably the equivalent of 8-12 drinks nightly.

Is this good for me?

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>unemployed since august
>unemployment claim denied
> ran out of money this month
> credit card bills, taxes, student loans
hey at least the dang cheeto is out of the white house, right?

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its happening isnt it

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unironically went all in on link @30 cents or some shit, funny thing is i don't even know what this shitcoin does. I just saw the semi funny memes and decided to all in hoping it'll go to zero so I can have a decent reason to kill myself. Months and years later this piece of shit keeps going up and now I don't even know what to do anymore im so fucking lost bros

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It's all so fucking tiresome bros. I just want to buy a house in a conservative state and find a nice Christian girl to have children with.

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>nico will never bully you by sitting on your face while link crashes
why even live?

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>mom asked me if I have ever had sex
>tfw 26yo kissless virgin and skinny fat
You guys said things would be different once I bought link.

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