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Don't worry fren, you got fooled by wizard jews. I'll explain to yuo.
The villain jews have a magic wand who can create fake silver made out of paper. And they sell it to everybody as if it was real, but just online.
Becuz of this demonic wand, they can make a lot and lot of fake silver, much more than really exist, and since they sell so much, they can dictate the price bcuz they are jews and jews are a creation of Satan.
Also, they casted a spell on gentile politicians a while ago, using fake paper paper they also created, to have a magic right to tell to the whole world what is the price of silver. No one else can do it but them.

But in reality they are very afraid now, because their enchantment is dissipating, and some of the gentiles figured out that paper silver out of wand is not real, so they want real silver! But the jew want to keep all the real silver for himself, because jews are greedy midgets.
But the jew know that a lot of gentiles are still enchanted by the evil spell, so to avoid they wake up like the goyim who want real silver, they spoop the gentiles away by making tons of fake paper silver and they claim it's worthless.

So tiny frog, you must stay strong and not believe the jews and their evil spells. What you think is the price is just an illusion so ppl like you are spooped and stay away from real silver, who's shiny and make funny noise when you flip it.
I'll even tell you a secret because you have been a good boi and listened all the story : the silver you boughted... it went UP in reality, not down! But sshhhhh!!! that's a secret, because if all the gentiles know this, then it will be too expensive for you to buy more. So for the moment, you must be patient and collect more real silver for the price of fake silver thanks to papi rabbi.

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Sounds like picostacklet cope desu

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look for the next pump

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u good fren.
buy a hooker, let her suck you off good, then sit on a chair, let her ride you good while you enjoy her breast.

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God, you fags are retarded.
Like it had 0 affect on chainlink, it will have 0 affect on your eos.
You don't understand what google is trying to do. You don't see it, why are you all blind???
Like NSA installed people into XMR, google is installing people into promising tech, to gather info, to be ahead, to claim piece of future, to be partners with, google wants their nail inside this crypto facade.
Why are you blind, fags?

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From what country do you think all "migrant shippers(mafia)" originate?
I've heard tickets through Mediterranean are expensive.

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There's only 100M COOM in circulation. 1 ETH will buy you more than 1% of the supply. This memecoin is the doge of 2020. 1% of DOGE would net you $4,000,000 today. What are you waiting for anon?

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i want to fuck this whore so bad, frens....

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So far this thread is super comfy, don't take a chance at summoning them, frens

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No way i'm falling for the shitcoin jew, this tulipmania meme is alrdy dying. I'm only stacking gold&silver for cheap like a Chad, waiting for the reevaluation moon mission, who will make BTC 2017's pump look like a nano-bump.
Silver $3K/oz by eoy. Screencap this.

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imagine sniffing her pooper guys...

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The number of cretins shitting on the most undervalued asst worldwide ITT is truly astonishing, no wonder the kikes are considering you goyim as a lower life form, barely smart enough to breath. You clearly don't deserve any respect, you are way too stupid for that. Yet, i still should thank yall, please continue to buy ponzi scams and illusions of wealth while my pmg frens and I continue to store SLV for absurdly cheap prices.

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You all go apeshit on Vitalik, because he once tweeted "i don't think oracles are worth 34mils" or something like that.
You all clanged onto one fucking tweet 3 fucking years ago and you all in your little braindead world think that Vitalik somehow hates ChainLink. You all run same shit onto him for three years, just because one tweet.
I recently saw same Vitalik bashin over three years tweet, again. Are you this stupid people?
Vitalik literally sits together at big ETH conferences with Sergey all the time. They always have great discussions, and you come here again, telling everyone same stupid thing you saw three years ago and it wasn't even ChainLink criticism. it was criticism toward brailet investors pouring millions into anything. Vitalik is stuck in his own creation, where everything got quite stuck. He's busy persuading people to roll out update, oh no but you can't unsee that 32mil tweet.
How stupid are you, people?

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>the worse is the situation, the more the kikes print clown money
>money go mostly to bigcorps kikes' frens
>bigcorps uses 98% of the talmudollars to buyback their own stonks
>stonks goes up, totally disconnected from the real value of the companies
>somehow the stonk market is used as an economic index
>thus, in the talmudic clownworld, the worse is the economy, the better is the economy
>infinite growth, stellar conquest 2021

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Yeah it's kinda loud but it doesn't bother me, quite the contrary. I'm a weirdo and i've always multiples fan pointed at my face, day and night, 365 days a year. I can't sleep otherwise. I started this shit when i was 9yo and i never slept without a fan since then, i've even small fans to take with me when i go for holidays.
Some of my exs were throwing tantrums about it sometimes (keep them on during sex too) but i'd prefer to dump the bitch than my fans so they eventually accept the shit.

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What's this woman's name?
You should check her pictures too, she was quite popular back then, before and after blade runner release.

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When does English person "gets" the real meaning of "a stable".
Does the 'a' give it out?

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> Tfw maybe I could be your freight broker tonight ?

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>in b4 coping marinelets come to say it's actually bullish
I've never seen such group delusion, linklets are literally exit scammed as we speak and they continue to idolize their fat scam artist instead of calling the SEC while they can.
Everything about shartlink is shady as all fuck, from binance collusion, seychelles front company, wallet spam creation up to the 700k bag dumping, who conveniently stop when the token is tanking too hard.
Please bagholders, come back to reality and sell now, while it's still worth something.

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Buy Chain Link today!
Buy Chain Link today!
It makes you feel good everyday, no more sad and ugly weather. Chain Link does make your day productive and the sun never stops shining though your windows! Buy Chain Link today! Become a happy man!

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I wonder if discord trannies get paid in links to fud...
It would be a shame if they did it for free to feed whales instead of themselves.

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>tfw I only have 1k linkies
Feels bad bros. I mean I'm grateful I get to profit off this at all.. but fuck, just $1,000 more into stinky linkies would have made a massive difference.

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Comfy as fug right now

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>big next thing to FOMO
I heard about these things they call "oracles". The guy that told me about them seemed very passionate about it. He kept interrupting my questions, once I start question, he twist his convo and start talking about some thing called "smart contracts". At one time, he cut me off by taking out fresh burger our of his pocket, wrapped in paper which had these 3D cubes printed on them with blue letters.
He says: you see, to make this burger i had to trigger a smart contract, oracles connected to providers and triggered delivery of my burger components automatically and send pieces to me unconditionally, second layer oracles ensured that components of my burger were fresh and good to go for delivery. Once they got my signature that components truly arrived to me, everyone got automatically paid.
I was very intrigued and asked how often he makes these burgers, he said 32 time a day.
Man that burger smelled real fresh, I'm all into oracles since last week.

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