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>didn't sell anything for literally a year
>decided to sell yesterday to swing
>this happens

At this point I am sure God is trolling me.

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Just worried about making weak momentum plays and ending up owing more or as much in taxes as I gained in trading but we'll see maybe I'm over worrying about it

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Same and my old exchanges are fucked with KYC

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R>G because central banks control currency now, the rich ger richer. That's it.

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It just keeps dumping and I bought at $1

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Just lost my job.

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It's not just that we are reaching peak clownification i worked on startups in the past and as soon as you ended up making income a new tax was created that destroyed your income.

That shit's happening faster and faster we are accelerating at fast speeds into total decay as soon as something starts going on well in society or life a massive load of bullshit comes and causes trouble destabilizing everything.

It's like we can't have a fucking break for fucks sake , it was not like this those that are not zoomers may understand what i mean , you could have a fucking break in life in the 90s or the 2000s , it's all after 2012 that things start to go to shit and now it seems we can't have a fucking week of peace without an external factor fucking everything up.

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>mfw the chainlink memes were real, I didn't listen and now it is too late

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Bye bye

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Quick anons whats a good thing to invest in now that cryptocurrencies are fucked

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>tfw only two point three

Life is suffering

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I'm a huge fucking idiot for doing that and I will probably regret it hard every day. I sold 150 ETH (75% of what I had) for it.

Hopefully Pajeet can buy a nice toilet or something

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I bought 35k DGB at 2350 sat

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Probably all of the normies who jumped on the bandwagon about a week ago finally getting their BTC/ETH in their Coinbase accounts selling it as soon as it lands in their account.

Probably other reasons too, but I'd like to think it's the normies fault

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>keep buying at the 700 """floor""" after it hovers at 750 for four fucking hours
>always dips to 650

this better moon

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shh now

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>missed NVCN because I'm busy at work

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>the Drys shares I had are now worth $2000. And managed to lose $50 on them.

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>tfw you had weak hands and sold AMD yesterday

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>be milfag
>have supplemental income

Never been the type to save money outside of an emergency fund. I already invest, what else can I do to make my money work for me? Some outside of the box type shit. Have around $500 a month of unused cash.

I'm also in Japan if that means anything

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>woke up just in time to sell mgt at 2.81
>still holding auph after buying in at 5.20 and it's killing my gains

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