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You are wrong anon. Also nigger

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I bought after 5 years of not being sure if I should buy or not. Enjoy your crash. It's final this time, have no doubt, there will be no recovery.

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I agree

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@ 14
at least we're not alone in the suffering

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i sold 151k worth of of bao for 3k. im gonna be sick. fuck all you pajeet fudders for making me sell thinking it was a scam

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This. Maybe it if went up to 500 or 600 for a bit I'd bite and sell some of my shares just in case. But $160? Nah, at that point the loss is so great that I might as well ride it down to zero. They're unintentionally making my diamond hands even harder with all these dumb tricks to make me yield. Can't transfer my money out? Well then there's no reason to even sell. Can't buy more than 20 GME? Well I have more than 20, so if I sold and wanted to get back in I'd be fucked, which means I only have one chance at this. Purposefully lowering the limit to try triggering stop losses? Well now I can't even reasonably pull out at a reasonable price if I wanted to, so now I'm forced to ride or die. Using my stocks to short if I don't set a sell limit? Now I have to set an insanely high sell limit to make them stop, which means now my stocks won't ever sell at a reasonable price. I just wanted to make a quick in an out profit over the course of a few days, but with all this stupid shit they pulled I'm now basically obliged to ride out this movement for the long haul. Fuck you, Robinhood. You worthless nigger jews.

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Is BABA ever gonna recover?
In 1 year? In 5?

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>tsla shorts

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I never feel bad for making a shit thread on biz, half the threads here are just pajeet scams.

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Ah fuck here we go

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>No icon on uniswap
>Just left as the default thinking emoji
Unironically a sign to stay a billion years away.
The sheer level of incompetence needed to miss something that basic is a sign that has saved me multiple times in the past.
If you have so little investment in your scam that you can't even bother to upload a fucking .png, you should maybe try out other forms of scamming, ones you might actually be better at.

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I really dislike the way STA moves.

Every time it goes towards .26, someone dumps around 40ETH and it goes down towards .20
Every time it goes towards .20, someone pumps around 40ETH and it goes up towards .26

It feels like it's artificially kept in that range, since literally the only thing the coin has going for itself is the high pool payouts, and the team is absolutely desperate to keep impermanent loss low and pool participation high.
The market cap keeps slowly bleeding out by the day with each trade, with the supply constantly shrinking and the price being utterly unaffected by that, only reinforcing the idea that this has absolutely nothing going for it.

Also, a burnage of 1% per trade is ginormous, to a level that I don't think people understand. The only future I see for this (and the bags I stupidly bought at .25) is for the volume to slowly bleed out as the burnage shrinks the circulating supply, with the biggest poolers barely scraping a profit while everyone else is either left barely on par, or losing money due to the burning when trading.

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>mfw bought blnk at $4 and sold at $5.50 last month

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Volume on SPY is drying up. Dump or pump imminent.

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Tankers never die

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>Be Saudi prince
>Always been told you're special, you're royalty
>Want a white princess for yourself, since you deserve it
>Wont even touch your 20 malaysian house slaves
>No white woman will enter your country, let alone touch you
>Your insane religion won't even let you masturbate
>Can only get your thrills from twitchthotts

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>It's the "anon that shorted near the bottom claiming we're in a bear market" episode again

I hate reruns

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So we're just walking sideways out of a trendline that has held for half a year? Okay then.

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