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by doing my own research and commiserating with other anons
you can tell when discussion is organic and when it's fake astroturf shills

also I have a background in physics and engineering so I have a good mindset when it comes to conceptualizing mathematical concepts and dynamics, which is extremely useful when looking into the fundamentals of a specific project
also have a good network of friends IRL where we discuss crypto together
have a fleet of mining machines too
basically finding ways to earn passive income through crypto via utility tokens is better than just buying a currency and waiting for it to moon (although that is important and vital as well)

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>im down $42,000

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>There are no coincidences
>I've finally seen the light and believe that fully now.
the phrase "hidden in plain sight" comes to mind

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>You are hereby doomed.
not your call to make

>You post here to corrupt the nature of 42
42 degrees is the angle at which the human eye perceives the rainbow
can we get back on topic or are you going to continue nuking someone else's thread because you have beef with me (someone who you've never met)

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>i dont even read your retarded posts
the message goes over your head anyway
all you're good for is (you)'s
>p.s. tell your boss that I'm coming to collect

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>BAND makes more money and that's all that matters.
shut up brian/cz
we see you and the ccp mafia you serve
your time is coming to a swift end

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>You didn't know that Chainlinks would be adopted the way they have

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the black pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the “42-pill” - you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Remember: all I’m offering is the Truth. Nothing more.

>wake up...
>follow the white rabbit

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funny I was just watching today's episode too
we're all clicked into the same EL (YAWEH) consciousness so they mistake us for one another all the time

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haha I appreciate it, but it doesn't work that way bro
I do hope you succeed, but I don't know the first thing about XSN so I can't speak to it

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>if you have nice things a nigger like 42 will show up.

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>The average link buyer lacks the ability to assess future usability of the coin

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>wtf bros
>42 inc
I'm here

nice, can confirm it's a legit pdf

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>Do you think he was groomed for it?
I suspect some link marines are being "groomed" for it (naturally)

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> 42
> 42
> 42

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"it's a SHIMULASHION bro!"
^not an original idea
these retards think it is because they have new words

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>So you're another BASED MAGApede!
DNC BLM CCP UN IMF BIS discord tranny confirmed
can't you shills at least pretend to support trump to better fit in?

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>I don’t think the original 42 has posted since October
>I agree. The original forty two, he is not.

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>Someone redpill me on 42

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remember me when link passes $42

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It's all black I can't see it fren.
Hi :)

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>Just stop

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>Give me a hint buddy
since you got digits here you go:

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