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Aren't we the greatest?!

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Honestly, I split my time evenly between the two.

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This. I bought BTC back in September last year. I only post pink wojaks hoping that it causes someone to panic sell and ultimately miss out on future gains.

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I highly doubt it.

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Your FUD has no power here, leave.

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I watched Joker in an AMC

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I hope all of you have families because
A. If you do and they find out that you are destroying satanic banking system and usury jews like this then it’s going to look good for you
B. If, no, when you get rewarded for manipulating the market and destroying said banking system it’s going to come back and not only reward you, but the ones YOU care about.

This is the real world, it’s not a fucking meme. These are bank. You are all actual based if you continue down this road.

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outta there, away to watch you burn your shithole planet to the ground. There will be nothing left, mere ashes, the faintest of scents of white, glorious civilisation. Niggers and other chimps will be constantly fighting each other for the latest Wiz Khalifa album, the latest Yeezy's and other nigger apparel. It will be a bloody, ruthless, yet meaningless and unending quarrel amongst all niggers and other undesirables. Whites, and particularly us racists, will pursue unending bliss in the sky with our fellow racists, watching as the world we have left behind is tortured and brutalised.

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>He doesn't know

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Same but at 2.80 cause this dump was obvious
Also anyone who bought over 1 dollar is not a real /biz/lamist
Thanks reddit for buying my bags

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