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Just woke up, feeling comfy
Joshy is trying his hardest guys stop making fun of him at least we got a jew now

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You did sell, right?
Bad things are coming. I can't say too much, but something is wrong with Rick. SERIOUSLY wrong. I don't know how LTO can recover after that livestream. Plus, shilling to reddit? What gives?
I'm done. Sold it all for CHODE. Never looking back.
this is serious, a 500k market sel? i had really high hopes for this. as fucked up as it is i'll just have to take the profits made and move on. https://twitter.com/arnolddaniels?lang=en for those unaware, there was a livestream involving Rick, primarily addressing his comment about a porn actress. his behaviour was less than favorable and certainly not normal. later arnold daniels (lto lead architect) uncovered that Rick had recently become dependent on his prescribed medication in conjunction with alcohol. really envisioned a wife and kids from this one. fucking christ, every time

You've been warned /biz/

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Fuckin p&d pajeet United Nations

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