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>because they're extremely feminine investors
Speak for yourself, touchie Thomas.

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>w-well you're a paid chainlink advocate
Whatever you say, mouthbreather who spends all day projecting, masturbating and inventing stories in his head so that he can angrily insist to strangers on the internet that they're factual for no apparent reason whatseoever.

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>*mouthbreathing intensifies*
>yeah that'll show you linkie, you're only 50x up and we all know that the best time to buy is at the ATH, not during a long accumulation period
>and uh there's no reason that all of my arguments are made like i'm part of a group that bought at said ATH and has been salty ever since
>and i'll also just pretend that the fundamentals are bad because uh... they just are ok
>*declines a call from a friend because he has to spend the next few hours fudding on twitter, as real winners do*

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pic related makes more sense than ever now
this is who discord nufudders idolize
no wonder they're so upset

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>twitter handle was @geoxadem
>turns out that he was stupid enough to not only have that handle linked to his porn addiction diary entries, it also had his first name in it
>he also shut down his twitter account immediately after his name + the pic was posted
Very low iq attempt at damage control, fudcuck. But then again when you look up to someone that retarded you're obviously pretty fuckin dumb yourself lmao.

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>we've found him boys, the evil Link suppressor who is single-handedly keeping our token down and stealing millions of dollars from us
i cant see where anyone said that about him?
you seem to just be completely unhinged and ranting at this stage and its hilarious because there would be no reason for it unless you ARE him
you're the new lolcow of biz, adem
thats your thing now
you finally got the attention you deserve

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>oh look another twitter thread
>apparently a retarded normie who thinks that he's a shareholder for buying a utility token that he never planned to run a node or do anything productive with is another "gotcha" moment

this thread likely brought to you by pic related
s and h

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sorry op but your thread was shot down the exact same way as last time
chainlink oracles power everything
simple as
all fields and tell cumbrain thomas that im still laffin because he deactivated his twitter account (again)

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>reminding people of the posterchild of fudding who is always on biz as well, Thomas "cumbrain" Geoxadem
Not the best move considering he basically represents the coomer sissy fudders on here. Has he ever explained his crippling porn addiction btw? He seems so embarrassed by it that he can't deal with it at all and avoids any reference to it. I remember he even shut down his account for months and tried to delete any references to it.

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>pic related is the average sissy coomer remaking fud threads all day

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>coomer brain thomas (pic related as evidence) makes yet another twitter thread about a function currently in testnet not generating millions of dollars in revenue
>this is apparently a sick burn

and then there's this tranny


reminder that fulltime fudcucks are the biggest losers that biz has ever seen

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>posting twitter cope from brain-damaged coomer sissies like thomas
thanks for proving my point you deranged freak lmao
go "peel back layers of your porn identity" instead of shitting up biz, would probably be more productive

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>it's normal people

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>simping for this loser
LOL! Lmao even

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oh, you mean the samefag running this thread?
the brain-damaged coomer who has to "peel back layers of his porn identity?"
i think ill hard pass on the low iq fud he makes up, the thousands of hours he has wasted here are just sad at this point tbqh

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they can't help it it's all they know

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Lmao pic related is the only thing you need to know about him
All the kekfuddies are mentally deranged coomers so he's basically their poster child

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>reminder that the average fud tranny is pic related


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geoxadem that you?

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